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What Is Guided Meditation


Guided meditation may sound like a complicated process but it is simply the act of meditating while using a sort of guide to help direct your meditation. There are a number of guided meditation apps for your mobile device which can provide these services, but you may benefit from going to an in person guided meditation class, or private session with an instructor where they can help answer your questions.

Guided meditation often gets a back rap, especially in pop culture where it is frequently a hippie or other character in a film who practices it as sort of a joke. It’s time to let go of this image and know that guided meditation is a wonderful tool which could make massive changes in your life, no matter what walk of life you are coming from.

Two Types Of Meditation…

· The one you are probably familiar with, where you sit and meditate by yourself for a specified amount of time.

· Then there is guided meditation where, as mentioned above, you meditate with someone guiding you.

You may be wondering why having this guide would matter, and why it would make any difference if you meditated by yourself or with a guide. And this is because often times even if someone wants to meditate, they may not know how.

Or if an individual does already meditate, they may not know that it’s possible to feel more relaxed if they meditate a bit differently. Basically, guided meditation can help you reach your potential, and maximum relaxation, much quicker than if you just meditate alone.

Guided meditation isn’t just for beginners. Even if you have been meditating for years, you may still find that new doors are opened to you when you give meditating with a guide a shot.

Not only that, but guided meditation can help reach your most calm state faster as you are simply following instructions rather than having to actively think of how to meditate.


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