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You Are What You Eat – Healthy Food Choices


People often avoid healthy food choices mainly because of the perception that these foods are normally very bland tasting and rather boring. However, with some careful thought and efforts such perceptions can be changed for the better.

Getting children to adapt to healthier food choices can often be a very stressful event, but if such choices were taught to be made from a very early age, then the battle will not be an all-consuming as imagined. Preparing the healthier food to look and taste better would be the first way to encourage its consumption.

Making conscious decision to reach for healthier options when the opportunity presents itself is a discipline that should be advocated as much as possible.

For the more innovative food preparation style there are some who go a step further to package the healthier foods to look and feel similar to the unhealthy food choice, an example of which would be presenting celery and carrot sticks in the packaging used to present French fries.

There are also some that foods that are packaged to appeal to the children, made to look like candy, etc. All these are conscious efforts made to play on the mental and visual effects of the individual, in the hope of encouraging the healthier choice being made. However, packaging or no packaging it is extremely important to include several fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, along with that of your family, introduce your children to the foods in their natural raw form, with the lease amount of processing possible to maintain nutritional value.

Making other changes gradually such as consuming brown rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice, couscous, barley, farro, and whole-wheat products instead of white products is also another option to investigate when making food choices.

Having a couple of days dedicated to no meat consumption a week is another good start to make, and this can eventually progress to at least four days a week without meat, but this should not be done in succession as meat consumption is important to the body’s needs.

A healthy diet means including more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts to the diet plan. Eating whole foods, and not processed foods.


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