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Wishes and Prayers Series - Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages to prayer but believe it or not, there can be some disadvantages.


The Good and Bad Classically a lot of denominations have prayers that are memorized and used. These are memorized in a like fashion to how Americans learn the Pledge of Allegiance for the American Flag, or the National Anthem. These get to be parts of the accepted norm of that religious denomination and part of many worship services.

The simple "Amen" is a part of many closings to prayers throughout Christian denominations. There are fortes and failings inherent in any sort of prayer and we shall analyze some of the strengths and weaknesses of prayer. Among the weaknesses of memorized prayer that is commonly brought forward by critics is that because the words are memorized and stated over and over again in memorized fashion, in a lot of cases the individual loses the true meaning of the words they're praying. The individual may quickly recite the memorized prayer particularly if they have repeated it a lot of times in worship, all the same they might not think about the words or have faith in what they're saying. What becomes familiar is a lot of times not truly understood or some of the times taken for granted. In that respect, this type of prayer can lull somebody into a sense of security without substance. They're praying what amounts to mumbo jumbo IF they don't understand the content of what they're praying, or are mindful of what they're saying. Prayer is the center of spirituality. It affords a fantastic recreation to the body, mind and soul. It brings in total satisfaction and satiety which nothing else may give. The peace which comes with prayer is of an unequaled nature, quite unimaginable· A sort of serenity descends on the subliminal self-inside. Prayer has in it an excellent dynamic force. It fortifies and befits an individual to face and fight the battle of life fearlessly and successfully. It's in fact the only cure-all for all sorts of ills: diseases and ailments, accidents over which man has no control, evil propensities of the mind, and most especially brings in inner peace and satiety. It fills an individual with courage and fortitude and brings about a total reorientation. Prayer is the key that unlocks the Kingdom of Heaven. It draws up the sluice gates and releases from inside immense power and resourcefulness. Where all human efforts die, there prayer wins. Even if prayer might seem to bomb in calamity, yet it has the power to take the bite out of it. With an inside transformation there comes a shift in the angle of vision, which greatly affects the outlook on life. Everything puts on a fresh mantle of color... Marvelously Divine.

Last but not least, prayer opens our eyes to truth and enables us to view things in their real perspective.

It gives fresh values to life and gradually transports a person into a new place. With a life of prayer a individual eventually rises into cosmic awareness and sees the hidden hand of The Higher Power working out His will and His purpose which otherwise stays a sealed book too subtle for the average man to pierce through and look into.

The more this interior contact is established, the more The Higher Power is imbibed by the spirit. Only when a complete identification comes about does one become a witting co-worker with Him.

“In affirmative prayer, we are remembering who we truly are as expressions of the eternal life force on Earth, and we are taking time to align our thoughts and feelings with our highest good. We affirm our wellbeing, that our needs are filled and that there is no lack in the universe. Because the universe senses our vibration, prayer is more than the words we utter… Every thought, every feeling, is a prayer.”

~ Rev. Ellen Debenport, The Five Principles


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