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Staying Focused Series - Introduction

How to Focus in a Noisy and Distracted World



Maintaining your focus in a noisy and distracted world can be tough. There is so much pulling our attention in every direction that it seems almost impossible to focus on the tasks that are.

truly important. From social media to text messages and calls and even people stopping by to talk, there is always something that can take our attention away from getting work done.

The result is that we feel like we are behind. When we spend most of our day checking notifications on Facebook or responding to unimportant emails, we find that there is truly little time left to get projects and other work done. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and may drive us to overwork ourselves, while feeling like we get nothing done.

This blog series is here to change all that. The goal is to learn how to focus our attention and manage our time, so we no longer have to stay at work late to finish projects or waste time away from our loved ones. Inside, we will learn that we are the ones in control over our time, not the clock, and that we can get things done based on a schedule of our own choosing.

As we work through this blog series, we will learn the importance of setting goals, minimizing distractions, and even taking breaks. When it comes to focusing, we can work with some of the best time management techniques, including the Pomodoro Method and Eat the Frog to help us get more done. Slowly, by implementing some of these tips in one at a time, you can start to turn these ideas into habits and improve your focus when getting work done. Stop letting this noisy and distracting world get the best of you. Stop being a slave to the clock and feeling like nothing gets done.


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