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Compassion Series - Comparison Energy: Compassion’s Opposite


Comparison Energy: Compassion’s Opposite

Another way (and one of the biggest ways) we express a lack of self-compassion is in our ability to compare ourselves negatively to others. Why do we do this? Biological reasons would assume we needed to keep on our toes to fit into our tribe. Not fitting in surely meant being excluded which in turn, could mean separation and death. It takes a village has a deeper meaning in that being part of a village keeps us safe and secure as well as watching out for each other’s families.

While it is perfectly fine to go within once-in-a-while to see where we can grow, change, improve, and transform, comparing ourselves to others has a detrimental impact.

With the onset of social media, the need to compare, want, and desire to be more like others, better than others, ignites our survival instincts. When we see what appears to be someone else having a better time, happier life, the perfect romance, we internalize it as not being as good as them. We can take that even deeper by believing we are undeserving and that is why they have it better than us.

The Negative Impact of Lack of Self-Compassion

Research is showing the lack of self-compassion as having many detrimental effects:

  • Burnout

  • More illness

  • Increased absenteeism in the workplace

  • Strain in relationships

  • Sadness, depression, and anxiety

Now that we have explored the many ways we lack self-compassion, how to create self-awareness by asking important questions, and the danger of comparison energy, let’s talk a look now and discover the power of compassion.


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