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Being Grateful in an Ungrateful World - Part 9

Advantages And Disadvantages

Gratitude unleashes life’s fullness. Living a life full of gratitude can always make you happy and at peace. There are a lot of advantages that you can think of once you start showing your gratitude towards other people. Also, appreciating your life brings great benefits that can actually increase the quality of your life.


The Differences

Advantage of Gratitude

Gratitude can remind us of the positive and great things in our lives. It can make us happy, knowing that in every difficult situation that we are facing, there are still a lot of things to be thankful for. If you practice an attitude of gratitude, you can always turn your bad days into good days. Gratitude is also really advantageous because it can remind us of what is important. It is hard to whine or complain about some little things once you start giving things that you are alive today and healthy. It is also difficult to be overwhelmed or stressed out on your over paying bills once you are happy and grateful that you have a home with your family.

Gratitude allows us to see the world in a beautiful perspective. It enables us to view each difficult situation as something that will give us strength and power to more forward and live a happy and colorful life. The practice of gratitude can increase our level of happiness and improve the quality of our life. When you start viewing the world as a beautiful place for you to learn, improve yourself and become stronger, your life becomes more meaningful.

Once you are able to recognize the things that you must be thankful for, you will also discover that you are starting to appreciate simple things and pleasures that you formerly took for granted. Gratitude is something that shouldn’t be only a reaction in order to get what you want or attract what you desire, but it must be something that can help you acknowledge those little things around you. This must also be something that can help you constantly search for the good though unpleasant situations may happen.

Most of the times, when talking about negative situation, we believe that it is harmful, sad, difficult and even stressful. However, if you have an attitude of gratitude, you are able to think positively in each negative situation. You look into each detail and try to find something to be grateful for. You believe that there is something good in every difficult situation and problems are seen as opportunities to improve yourself and to grow.

Disadvantage of Gratitude

With the said great advantages of gratitude, one could hardly find anything wrong about showing your gratitude and appreciation to every situation and every person. Gratitude is something that will always bring the peace, contentment and happiness to people. It has the ability to reduce negativities, improve all relationships, attract what your heart desires, and bring happiness to one’s life.

Gratitude is free. It requires no money and just a little time so there is no excuse for anyone to show how much they appreciate an individual or give thanks to any situation they are in. With the positive characteristics of gratitude, it is really hard for anyone to find any disadvantage about it.


Gratitude is really a powerful emotion. It unveils the fullness of one’s life and it can turn negative things into something beautiful. Gratitude can turn chaos into order, denial to acceptance and confusion into clarity. It can turn a house to a home, a stranger to a friend and it create a life worth living.

Gratitude must not only be an expression after you have received something you want; but it must also be something that can help you search for opportunities to be grateful for even during unpleasant situations. Now, start bringing the attitude of gratitude into your own experiences and rather than waiting for positive outcomes for you to feel grateful.

In times of difficult situations, find something to be grateful for. Everything happens for a reason and in every problem, there is always something good that you can get. If you have been complaining about the kind of life you have, then this is the right time to take a pause, think and look for the good things in whatever situation you are in. Start living a life of gratitude.

If you haven’t said “thank you” to a friend because of a simple tap when you are facing problems in your life, this is the perfect time for you to show your appreciation to him or her. Be thankful for your ability to see, to hear, to smell, to talk and to walk. Count your blessings and you will certainly be surprised about how many blessings you have been receiving throughout your life. Speak of words of gratitude and see how you can attract the things you want in life. Recognize all your achievements and also give thanks to yourself for keeping strong. Give thanks to your parents, a simple “thank you” note will do.

Have you done something good to others but never received any token of appreciation? Not even the word “thank you”. If you feel disappointed with that, think about how disappointed your parents are for not receiving even just a word of thanks for the lunch they packed, things they bought and dinner prepared for you.

If things don’t go your way, and you think that there is nothing to be grateful for, just seek for something good out of such situation. If you don’t have all the things that you want, then be thankful because if you do, there will be nothing more to look forward to.

Be grateful for all your imperfections because they provide you an opportunity to improve more. Be grateful for every challenge you face because it can build your character. Don’t despair if you commit mistakes because your mistakes will teach you important lessons. Always be grateful. Show your gratitude to everyone and to every situation and you will see how it can change the quality of your life


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