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Affirmations Open Your Heart

1. I deserve genuine love, which I will receive when I open my heart.

2. It is okay to trust someone with my deepest emotions and feelings.

3. I will give love freely to my family and friends.

4. I hold the power to open my heart to others.

5. I will let love flow through my heart and give it to others.

6. I am much happier when I let my heart be open to the struggles of others.

7. I will be compassionate towards those I meet today.

8. I will forgive myself for the mistakes I have made in the past and I will not let them affect my ability to give love.

9. Even though I made mistakes, I will learn to love them as they have taught me an important lesson.

10. There is enough love in the universe for everyone on earth.

11. I will allow my heart to heal from past wrongs and I will not let them affect my future.

12. I am thankful for the mistakes my heart has made and they have helped me grow.

13. I will love nature and everything in it because nature sustains me.

14. I am worthy of a relationship with an individual who loves and supports me.

15. I will not hold grudges; past wrongs belong in the past.

16. My heart is open to whatever love may come my way.

17. I am worthy of the compassion I freely show to others.

18. I will work to create healthy, loving, and trust-filled relationships.

19. I am going to manifest more love and compassion in my life.

20. The more love I give freely, the more I will receive in return.


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