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Affirmations I Am Aware of My Feelings

1. I am aware of every feeling that enters my body.

2. I am aware of every feeling I choose to experience and express to others.

3. There is no such thing as a correct feeling or incorrect feelings.

4. I know that just because I feel a feeling doesn’t mean I need to express it immediately.

5. I know that it is okay to take time to process my feelings.

6. I let my feelings flow through me.

7. I listen to what my feelings are telling me and take them into account when I make decisions.

8. No one can make me be unaware of my feelings.

9. Not all feelings are positive, it is okay to feel negative feelings sometimes.

10. Working to identify my feelings and resolve them makes me a better person.

11. When I become aware of my feelings, I will take a breath before I respond.

12. I am the only one who can deny myself access to my feelings.

13. I will work to become more aware of my feelings each and every day.

14. I will discover why I am feeling certain feelings.

15. No one can make me feel guilty.

16. Staying in touch with my feelings makes me feel alive.

17. I will respect my feelings.

18. I will not hate my feelings.

19. I will be accepted by others even when I am aware of my feelings.

20. I am satisfied when I acknowledge my feelings and respond calmly to a situation.


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