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Affirmations for My Feelings Matter

1. Every part of me is important, including my emotions.

2. My emotions can help me to make a change in my life.

3. Showing my emotions can help better the lives of others.

4. What I want in this life is important to my family and friends.

5. Those who love me care about my emotions.

6. I will never be ridiculed for showing my feelings.

7. My happiness is important to me and to others.

8. When I tell someone they have hurt me, they will listen.

9. I have the right to feel validated.

10. My feelings play an important role in my life.

11. I will never hide my feelings from others.

12. Showing my feelings is a means of communication.

13. My feelings can help me to make a decision.

14. My emotions can help direct me on the right path in life.

15. My feelings can help me to make decisions about others.

16. I will not keep anyone in my life who disregards my feelings.

17. I am grateful that I am able to fully experience my emotions.

18. I will spend time exploring all of my feelings.

19. I will not judge my feelings or the feelings of others.

20. I will not allow others to judge me based on my feelings.


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