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Affirmations for Cultivating Optimism and Anticipation for a Positive Future

1. I am excited to see what the future has to bring.

2. I know that I will create an amazing future for myself.

3. I will work hard each day towards my goals.

4. I will be successful in life.

5. I will see the good in every person and every situation in my life.

6. Everything will work out, there is no need to worry about what I cannot control.

7. Each and every day my life is improving.

8. I will spend my time with positive people who support me.

9. I will trust myself to make the right decision.

10. Even when I make a mistake it is a chance to learn and grow.

11. I have many talents and they will help me succeed.

12. I will show my optimism to others.

13. Good opportunities are attracted to my optimism.

14. I will only think positively of my future.

15. I am ready for my future.

16. I love who I am and I feel good about who I will become.

17. I am excited to see the future me.

18. I will work hard to make the best life for my future self.

19. I will not fear the future just because it is the unknown.

20. Life is an adventure and I enjoy it.


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