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Affirmations for Cultivating Hope

1. I should dream each and every day because my dreams power my future.

2. I value who I am and my potential.

3. Hope helps me to see a situation from every viewpoint.

4. When I am faced with something difficult, I will have hope.

5. Hope helps me persevere.

6. I can take risks because I have hope I can survive a difficult time.

7. I work every day to invite hope into my life and my heart.

8. I use my talents to build hope in my life.

9. I help cultivate hope in the way I treat my family and friends.

10. I do not tolerate people who damage my hope.

11. I keep an open mind to sustain hope.

12. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I will take a deep breath and think hopefully.

13. I do whatever I can to bring hope into the lives of others.

14. I embrace hope and all of the emotions that come with it.

15. I know no matter what happens, my hope won’t let me down.

16. Hope will be there for me no matter what I am facing.

17. No one can take my hope away from me.

18. Hope helps me heal from situations that are outside of my control.

19. I will do what I need to cultivate hope in my life.

20. I will never let anyone make me let go of my hope.


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