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Affirmations Develop Emotional Health

1. Other people cannot make me feel emotions, I am always in control of how I feel.

2. There are many people who love me.

3. I control how I respond to a situation.

4. I have the right to be happy and proud of my accomplishments.

5. I don’t need someone else to make me feel better.

6. I will take a deep breath when I feel strong emotions, and then I will respond when I am calm.

7. My emotional health takes is important, and I will work every day to improve it.

8. Everyone makes mistakes, this is just a temporary setback, I will overcome it.

9. I am able to change my thoughts to more positive ones.

10. I can see the positive in any situation and disregard the negative.

11. Even though today was hard, tomorrow brings a new and brighter day.

12. I will not dwell on the past or other negative emotions.

13. I will overcome the thoughts that make me sad.

14. Having good emotional health is part of having good mental health, and I will take time for both in my life.

15. Each day I can take make small changes in my life to improve my emotional health.

16. I am in control of my temper; I will not let my anger control me.

17. I will focus on loving others instead of being angry at them.

18. I will not repress any feelings; I will experience them fully in order to overcome them.

19. I will evaluate my feelings without letting myself be engulfed by them.

20. I will not think negative thoughts about myself when I become emotional.


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