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Accessories to Help with Meditation

Although you technically don’t need anything more than your own mind to meditate, there are a number of things that can help you meditate more easily, which is especially helpful when you are first starting to learn. Here are a few accessories to help with meditation.


It’s important to be as comfortable as possible while meditating because you don’t want to be distracted by physical discomfort as this makes it a lot harder to achieve a meditative state. That’s why you want to wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible while meditating. This could mean yoga pants and a tank-top, or it could mean sweatpants and a sweatshirt.


Sometimes, picking the right piece of furniture makes the biggest difference in how well you’re able to meditate. You’ll want it to be comfortable, of course, and located in an area that’s away from distractions. What you sit or lay on to meditate is completely up to you. It could be anything from a yoga mat to a hammock.

Music Player

Having music playing in the background can often help you meditate, especially if you’re using music especially designed for meditation and if you use the same music every time which will help remind your body what you’re doing and instantly put you in a better state of mind to start meditating. Because phones and computers can be used for so many other things, we recommend sticking with an actual CD player devoted to meditation purposes, so you don’t risk getting distracted.


On the other hand, you may want to keep your phone close to you to take advantage of a meditation app. There are a number of apps, like Sleep Easily Meditation or Simply Being Guided Meditation that will help provide you with guided meditations that you can use as you’re first learning so you can get the hang of meditation. Just be sure to not get distracted by any of your other apps!

Essential Oils

Whether you use a diffuser or simply put a few drops of essential oils on your palms and neck, this is a great way to help your body relax and your mind to focus so that you can meditate. Lavender, clary sage, and Roman chamomile are all-natural sedatives that will help you relax. Sandalwood, vetiver, atlas cedarwood, patchouli, and Palo Santo are examples of essential oils that will help ground you.

When using essential oils for anything, be sure to use caution as some people may be allergic to some types of essential oils. You’ll also want to carefully follow the directions for using the different types of oils as you’ll need different amounts for different purposes. Using oil in a diffuser, for example, requires 5 – 6 drops, which is more than you should be putting directly on your skin.

Find What Works for You

At the end of the day, whether it’s music, clothing, furniture, or essential oils, you need to be looking for what works best for you. This will take some time, but once you find the right combination, you’ll find that your meditation time is significantly better for it, allowing you to get more out of it.


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