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Yes! Inner Peace And Serenity Does Mean Happiness

Over the course of our lives we are all working toward similar goals. Usually, we are working toward financial security which we tend to equate with happiness. However, there are more goals to look forward to in life than financial security. In fact, many would argue that the ultimate happiness lies not in money but in finding your inner peace and learning to live in serenity.

What does it mean to find peace?

Finding peace may mean something different to each of us individually. However, most of us could agree that finding your peace means finding a certain contentment and positivity surrounding your achievements in life.

Whether you achieve monetary goals or not, being content with what you are able to accomplish suggests that you have earned some sort of inner peace. Peace is generally considered to be a more long-term feeling than other emotions.

However, this does not mean that your peace cannot be disrupted. Major life changes, especially unexpected life changes, can easily overthrow a sense of peace in someone’s life. This often results in a sense of chaos. Of course, peace can be achieved in this new state of life too, it just may take some patience and reflection.

What does it mean to find happiness?

For most of us, happiness is a kind of satisfaction that we feel when things are going the way we want them to go. Many people consider happiness as a temporary or a fleeting feeling rather than a permanent outlook on life.

However, others argue that happiness can be a more long-term feeling in lieu of a fleeting feeling. Usually, happiness is based on a person’s life goals and accomplishments over time and these things change often.

Just like with peace, happiness can easily be overturned when something upsets our plans or gets in the way of our ambitions.

How do Peace and Happiness work together?

Peace and happiness both have an extremely positive connotation when you think about the words themselves. Peace, as we defined it earlier, means contentment. Happiness, as we defined it earlier, means satisfaction.

It is easy to see how achieving a peace within your life could bring about feelings of happiness as a side effect. The thing about people who have achieved an inner peace is that they are less likely to easily overthrow the peace and therefore more likely to maintain their happiness.

When things go wrong for people who have achieved an inner peace, those people are more likely to accept those negative emotions and face them head on. This makes people with an inner peace work harder to overcome the negative emotions.

While these people probably do feel sadness, anger, and other emotions that are associated with negativity, they are more likely to be able to find their happiness again in the long run.

How to Achieve Peace and Happiness

There is no secret formula to achieving both happiness and the inner peace that have been explained throughout this article. However, there are a few solid ways to increase your likelihood to find both peace and happiness.

  • Focus on Positives

  • Avoid Stressful People

  • Eat Healthy and Exercise

  • Celebrate Accomplishments

Finding your inner peace is a lifelong journey that is probably not going to be achieved overnight.

Final Thoughts

While finding your inner peace and happiness is a process that will take time, it is something that can be accomplished with the right amount of determination. The truth about peace and happiness is that they are fluid accomplishments, there will be times where you have to fight to get back to the state of peace and serenity, but that fight will be well worth it.

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