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Organic Gardening Maintenance

Maintaining an organic garden is essential. The effort and the time you put in to establish a healthy ecological garden requires care and attention. If you look after the garden daily there is no need using harsh pesticides later. If you want, your organic garden to flourish it is up to you to keep it in shape. By trimming and slimming it on a continuous basis can prevent major gardening problems later. There are a variety of tasks that you can implement to maintain your garden.

Monthly tasks:

  • Throw mulch in the vegetable garden at least once a month.

  • Check plants and crops for any pesticides or diseases on a weekly basis. Use organic solutions to treat any infected plants.

  • Make sure the PH level is correct by checking it every 2 weeks.

  • Water the garden with an inch of water once a week. Keep the soil moist.

  • Mow the lawn to stop weeds from growing and to cool down the soil. Long term tasks:

  • Install shades to protect lettuce and other crops to help them with the growth process. Harvest crops on a regularly basis to keep the process going. Plant a new batch of vegetables according to seasonal instructions.

  • Spray your fruit trees on a regular basis with seaweed extract to aid them withstanding the heat.

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