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On a personal note - Hope you find the Christmas Spirit to last you All year through!


When I was young my Dad use to tell me a story, I believe it was based on a story by Tolstoy. I so loved this story and to me it represents the true Christmas Spirit. Tonight, I remembered this story and I would like to share it with you.

One-night Conrad, a cobbler of shoes, dreamed that his Creator told him he would come to his shop on that following day. All morning he waited, but the only visitor was an old man who asked if he might sit down to rest. Conrad noticed that this man had no shoes, his feet were in horrible shape. Conrad put the best pair of shoes he had in his shop on the old man’s feet. He sent him on his way after he was rested.

Conrad waited all afternoon, but the only person the crossed his doorway was an old woman, hungry and struggling. Out of compassion he let her in, and he prepared a meal for her. Full and satisfied the old woman went on her way.

That evening Conrad again waited patiently, but only a lost child entered Conrad’s shop. Conrad carried the child home to his parents, leaving him with a smile on his face.

Conrad returned to his shop frustrated and disappointed, the old cobbler cried to his Creator:

“Why is it that your feet delay?

Did you forget that this was the day?”

Then in a soft, silent voice he heard:

“Lift up your heart, for I kept My word.

Three times I came to your friendly door.

Three times My shadow was on your floor.

I was a beggar with bruised and battered feet.

I was the woman that you gave food to eat.

I was the child lost and scared in the street!”

He understood then that his Creator had indeed come to him that day and that he had made him welcome. And his heart was filled with a peace he had never before experienced.

Where Love is, there God is also. Where Love is not, we are called to make the appropriate sacrifices, to go out of our way, to put it there. This holiday season I hope you find the joy of sharing with others in need, and giving without the expectation to receive. Then Christmas for you will not merely be a holiday but truly a Holy Day, may you keep the spirit not only for Christmas but through the whole year.


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