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Wishes and Prayers Series - Deciding What to Pray About

We have all reached that point where we can’t solve precisely what we truly wish to do with our lives. It may come when you are eighteen or if you are fifty, and it's always a hard process to work through. It is not hopeless, however! And this is important to know what to base your affirmative prayers on.


What You Want Distinguishing what you truly wish in your life isn't a simple task for anybody, nor is it something that you may truly produce a step-by- step guide for. That stated, when you're not truly sure what you wish to affirm or pray for, whether it's a job, a lifestyle, or anything else, some different exercises could help you pinpoint what it's you truly wish. Here are a couple of ideas to try to pinpoint what you should use affirmative prayer for. The "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" question goes for everything from employment interviews to financial plans, and while it appears cliché, it is basic for a reason: it works. It is among those annoyingly hard questions to answer, and in many cases, it is pretty much impossible to answer in an absolute way. Thankfully, that is all right, and occasionally simply trying to answer the question is all you require. Considering how common it is, the thought of seeing into the future and picturing where you will be in 5 years is a heck of a lot more difficult to do than you would think. And the chances you will wind up where you see yourself... who knows. That stated, the exercise of discussing where you see yourself in 5 years is useful. It does not matter where you think you will be in 5 years; however, it is still crucial to consider it because it gives you the idea of what you wish to pursue.

What capabilities will you want to build in 5 years? For instance, "I can't say precisely what I'm going to be doing in 5 years; however, I hope to have further formulated my skills as a, and you can fill in the blank with your desire." This is a safe way to answer regardless of your age or stage in life. You are never done learning.

Most career issues stem from the fact that we are awful at picking jobs. We think we are selecting a great job and then it turns out to be an awful… This might be something you want to use affirmative prayer for.

Picking a lifestyle to pursue instead of an occupation title may help you focus in what you are genuinely interested in, and then use affirmative prayer for that.

The idea of a personal manifesto could sound a little silly on the surface. The concept is that if you may work out where you stand on certain ideas, you could be able to flush out a potential career or lifestyle path. Silly or not, the notion of a personal manifesto is carried out by everybody, some may not even realize they are doing this, until they find themselves where they want to be, and yet others use the idea daily to achieve their goals.

The point is to provide yourself a call to action to define how you wish to do things. It is simple to write your own manifesto, and while you don't have to do it in a specific way, the following are a few suggestions for getting going:

  • Select your subjects: Pick a couple of topics to center on and make them as particular as you can. Ideas like, "The hours I wish to work," or "How I wish to commute" are good for narrowing in on what sort of work you could be interested in.

  • Write down your principles: put down your beliefs and intentions. It likely sounds a little over-the-top, however if you've never truly put down and thought of your morals or beliefs then this is a goodness time to do so.

  • Utilize strong, affirmative language: It's simple to write a manifesto with words like "I wish," or "I should" however that's not helping you. Write it out with affirmative language like, "I will," or utilize the present tense with "I am.”

The main purpose of the personal manifesto is to truly work out what you care about, how you perceive yourself, and how you wish to act moving forward. It's not all of the time a key to working out precisely what you wish to affirm, however it's a great starting point for at least working out how you wish to go about figuring out what to pray for. Grab a pen, some paper, and get to writing out what you believe.


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