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The Power of the Experience of Loving Yourself Completely

This might not be a question you ask yourself every day, but do you love yourself? Completely, unconditionally? Fully and consciously? On the surface, it seems like a silly question because most people love themselves, or at least say that they do. However, everyone does seem to have an exception.

People might only love parts of themselves, where they love their body and how it looks. They take pictures, go to the gym, eat all the right foods, but their mental health is terrible, and they don’t love that. Maybe they don’t hate the problems with their mental health, but they certainly don’t love it. Others might hate a habit about themselves, such as a stutter, a limp, or just something they’ve picked out about themselves.

These people might have everything else going for them, but those little bits of self-hatred keep tearing them down. But what if you could love yourself completely? What kind of power does that have?

How To Love Yourself Completely

Before we touch on why loving yourself completely is the best feeling that it is in your power to have, we need to look at a misconception that some people have whenever it comes to loving themselves. They think that in order to love themselves, they also need to accept their flaws. Take a man with a stutter for instance. He might think that he can never truly love himself because he hates the stutter and wishes that it weren’t there to begin with.

However, in order to love yourself completely, you don’t have to like the flaws at all. You just need to accept that they are there and work on improving them. It’s like loving a dog who tears up your furniture, the dog just does what it does, and you really can’t be mad at it. Instead, you can focus on training the dog to where it doesn’t have that problem, and even though that process, you still love it.

If this man wanted to love himself, he’d accept that stuttering is part of who he is. It might not be what he wants, but he can work to get rid of it and still love who he is in the meantime. Saying ‘I love who I am, flaws and all’ does not make the flaws permanent or means that you are stuck with them. It just means you can love yourself despite the flaws being there.

What Does Loving Yourself Completely Mean?

Going back to the dog example, most people love their dogs unconditionally, don’t they? It’s a good feeling to simply look at a dog and smile and know that no matter what they do, you still love them. They also will love you no matter what you do, and that is a good feeling.

Now imagine having that good feeling yourself. No matter what you did, didn’t do, or have still to do, whenever you take a long and hard look at yourself, you can still find the positive and find the ability to love yourself. We’ve all had those days where nothing goes right, and everything seems to be crashing down on us, but can you imagine the overwhelming joy whenever you love yourself?

Whenever you can look at the bad day and all your problems and still love yourself? It’s extremely powerful, almost like you are pushing against all the negativity with your own positivity. This type of power is very hard to explain unless you have started experiencing it yourself, but you will be able to take on any challenge life throws at you and greet it with love for yourself.

If you love yourself, there’s something inherent about that says, ‘No matter what, I am going to be okay.’ Like looking at a dog that has done something terrible or shown off its flaws, you can simply laugh it off and say that you still love yourself despite what happened to you.

It takes a while to love yourself completely, but once you do, the immense power of the experience will make sure you never beat yourself up about your problems again.


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