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The Healing Power of Hypnotherapy Series

Kinds of Hypnotherapy


Medical procedures do not always have to involve scientifically acknowledged medicines, treatments, and doctors. Sometimes other styles of treatments are also acknowledged as medically approved practices.

Hypnotherapy is one of the few alternative treatments that have been accepted by the medical fraternity as a viable way to treat a condition.

More In Depth

There are basically two main categories of hypnotherapy, Suggestion hypnotherapy and Analytical hypnotherapy.

Both are explained as follows:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Is the practice where a therapist will induce a trance like state in the patient and then make or suggest simple and easy ideas or instructions to follow.

These suggestions, instructions or ideas are positive in nature and are introduced into the patients mind with the intention of correcting any negative situations, characteristics, etc.

This kind of therapy is useful to help people who have trouble with weaning of undesirable habits like smoking, taking controlled substances, repetitive unnecessary actions and many more.

In the treatment session the therapist will suggest to the patient the follies and encourage alternatives. Unfortunately, because the patient is not required to be in a totally deep trance like state for this type of hypnotherapy, the effects though seem initially to be successful may eventually wear off in time.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

This type of therapy requires a deeper and more committed state of mind. In this style of hypnotherapy, the therapist will probe deeper into the mind of the patient to find the exact cause and effect of a particular problem.

People who have experienced traumatic situations that have left and unshakable impression usually seek this kind of redress. The aim is to treat the physical problem that is the product of the psychological distress.

The success rate of this style is quite good and fairly long term. The patient is able to understand the reason for the reaction brought on by the trauma and thus address it in a more suitable suggested manner.

However, several sessions may have to be conducted before this ideal is reached.


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