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Superfoods that Promote Anti-Aging Series - How Superfoods Promote Longevity


The fountain of eternal youth may be a myth but superfoods can be the second-best option. That is how much of an impact they can have on longevity. Science has found a strong link between superfoods and a longer life span in the following areas.

Superfoods alleviate inflammation

Inflammation in the body is a key underlying cause of health conditions that weaken the body and speed up the aging process. Some of these inflammatory conditions include Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, arthritis, liver disease and cancer.

Superfoods contain powerful anti-inflammatory substances that prevent these types of diseases from occurring or can dramatically alleviate their symptoms.

Superfoods keep insulin levels low

Studies have found that excess insulin in the body is a major cause of premature aging. Insulin is produced in the body to regulate blood sugar levels when we consume sugary foods.

Most superfoods are low in sugar and therefore, help to maintain low insulin levels.

Superfoods promote heart health

A healthy heart means longer life, simple as that. Medical experts tell us that eating superfoods regularly can decrease your risk of heart attacks by a stunning 75-95%.

This is because superfoods promote heart health by simultaneously lowering cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, lowering insulin levels, and regulating blood pressure. Amazing!

Superfoods regenerate cells

Superfoods contain potent compounds called glucosinolates that help in cell regeneration and repair. They can therefore prevent cells from mutating and becoming cancerous.

Superfoods prevent brain aging

We all want to live longer but we all want to be alert and mentally vigorous till the very end. The combination of anti-inflammatory, insulin-regulating compounds found in superfoods is the answer. They have been found by researchers to promote overall brain health.

Superfoods have also been linked to the prevention of age-related cognitive diseases including Alzheimer's, memory loss and dementia.

The bottom line: Superfoods have been scientifically proven to promote healthy longevity in a variety of ways. All of these benefits are more than enough reason to make these amazing superfoods a part of your daily diet.