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Superfoods that Promote Anti-Aging Series - Additional Tips for a Longevity-Boosting Diet


Realistically, we know that it's not enough to rely solely on superfoods to delay the aging process. The consumption of these foods needs to be accompanied by a relatively healthy lifestyle.

There's no point in consuming superfoods if you never exercise or if you smoke, drink excessively, don't get enough sleep or are too overweight. The harms of these negative health habits will simply nullify the benefits of superfoods and make them ineffective. They may be called superfoods bit they can't work miracles.

This is not to say you need to become an exercise freak, go on a restrictive diet or make drastic changes to your current lifestyle. But you do need to make some modifications to give superfoods a fighting chance. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

1.Get enough sleep

As we sleep, our brains and bodies kick into action to initiate an amazing "housekeeping" process. This process involves flushing out toxins, regenerating cells and healing tissue.

It's essential that you have a structured bedtime routine and sleep-promoting environment that allows for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, to allow your body and mind to revitalize and recuperate.

This fact is pretty self-evident. We've all experienced how drained we feel when we've had a bad night, as opposed to waking up refreshed and invigorated after a good night's sleep.

2. Take the stairs

Look for opportunities throughout your day to stay active. Take the stairs whenever you can, walk rather than drive and carry instead of carting! Our sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of poor health and premature aging.

3. Do a digital detox

Give your overstimulated brain a much-needed rest by staying away from technology for 24 hours once or twice weekly. Yes, it can be done, the world won’t end if you don't check your social media feeds for 24 hours!

Turn off all your digital devices, keep your phone on silent and fill your day with non-digital activities. Better yet, spend the time outdoors being active.

4. Get moderate exercise

Formal exercise isn’t for everyone. Some of us just can't stick to an exercise schedule or consistently stick to a traditional workout plan. If you're one of these people, find an activity you enjoy.

Walking, hiking, cycling, swimming and team sports classify as exercise. Just make sure you practice some form of moderate activity two or three times a week.

5. Stay connected

Studies show that staying connected promotes longevity. Get married, find a partner, get a pet, spend time with friends that care.

6. Eat fruit that's ripe.

According to researchers, ripe fruit has more longevity-boosting power. So make sure those berries and tomatoes are fully ripened before buying!

7. Use natural sweeteners

Sugar is toxic on so many levels. Try to cut down your consumption of processed sugar by using natural sweeteners like honey, fruit juice and molasses. Some beverages and foods like herbal tea and oatmeal actually taste better when sweetened with honey or molasses.

8. Develop a taste for green tea

The health benefits of green tea are well-documented. A cup of green tea daily is an additional health boost and is very refreshing hot or cold.

9. Eat organic

Organic eggs, fruit, vegetables, chicken and grass-fed beef and mutton are simply healthier. Organic is more than worth the higher cost if you can afford it. Do eat organic as much as possible to keep your body free of toxins and harmful chemicals.

10. De-stress regularly

Stress buildup is the leading cause of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and a long list of other serious health conditions. You can avoid these risks by simply taking 10 minutes every day to de-stress and wind down.

Daily de-stressing doesn’t involve elaborate anguish. It's simply engaging in any relaxing activity that you enjoy. This could a warm

bath with calming essential oils, meditation, listening to music or reading a good book. Just 10 minutes a day will immediately allow your brain to unwind and your stress level will drop dramatically.

11. Switch to whole grains

Replace white bread, pasta, rice and other refined grains with whole grains whenever you can. Whole grains are more weight-friendly and contain many other health benefits. Whole grain pasta, wild rice, whole-grain cracker and oatmeal are some great replacements for white pasta and white rice, baked goods and sugary cereals.

12. Get plenty of natural vitamin D

This simply means exposing yourself to sunlight. Moderate exposure to the sun's rays (15-20 minutes a day) will give you a hefty dose of health-boosting vitamin D. Take advantage of sunny days to soak up those rays and on cloudy days, expose yourself to as much natural light as possible.

13. Use olive oil

Olive oil is a mainstay of the famous Mediterranean diet because it's a super heart-healthy fat source. Use it as much as you can in your cooking and salad dressings.