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Spiritual Mantras

From ancient times until present time, spiritual mantras have been something of a fascination for those who are vaguely familiar with the term, while for others it is a way of life through mediation that is both peaceful and beneficial, mentally and physically. This blog post will show you how.

Simply explained, mantras are Sanskrit words, sounds and phrases which are constantly repeated fairly vocally in meditative circumstances, as the mind concentrates on the essence of the words.

The vibrations created by these sounds are said to be able to help the individual experience the oneness of both body and mind with the surrounding, thus leaving a positively refreshed feeling of purification.

The Basics

These chanting sessions are done in quite an intentional state of mind using set or specifically chosen words to invoke different and often varying mindset and expectations. Used throughout the centuries, many believe it to be linked to sacred powers which changes according to the words being chanted. The spiritual progression transcending from a higher state of consciousness actually releases some healing powers to effectively heal the physical and energetic matters within the human body.

However, it should be noted that these mantras and the understanding and applications of it differs widely as its symbolism and functionality are often tailored by individual to suit the various traditions and context it is needed. Likewise, a particular mantra used may signify different connotations in the multiple layers of symbolism following a particular school of thought at the time. Those who practice the spiritual mantra process do so with the specific intentions of focusing on the meditative, mysticism, philosophy and psychological aspects whereupon the spirituality is derived from within.

Though often misunderstood and misused especially in more modern environments, nonetheless all who have attempted this form of spiritual connection would attest to its calming and soulful attraction which keeps people wanting more.

Find The Correct Mantra for What You Are Trying to Achieve

There are many reasons why individual seek to practice spiritual mantra chanting. These could range from the need to address specific problems or simply just to connect and stay connected to one body and mind effectively and completely.

For those using this fascinating avenue to achieve specific goals or to have specific issues addressed taking the time to explore the different mantras and their meaning and benefits would be useful and informative.

It would also allow those interested, to narrow down and use the mantras that are most suited to the task of trying a achieve something specific.

The following are some examples of the more popular mantras used for specific purposes:

  • Aham Brahma Asmi: considered to be an abstract mantra which actually means it is not directed to any specific deity, these words are supposed to evoke a feeling of oneness with all creation, giving the body and mind total and unconfined freedom.

  • Aham Prema: this is meant to proclaim the love of the highest order, surpassing any humanly possible feeling in all its purity.

  • Om: also noted as AUM is said to be the root of all letters and words. Intentionally meant to depict the Supreme Being which denotes all three levels of existence in one meaning the past, present and future.

  • Om Aim Hrim Krim Chamundayai Vichche: this mantra is supposed to focus on the mind concentrating of successfully and speedily achieving all aspirations, desires and goals. It only leaves out courage and energy which is addressed in another separate mantra.

  • Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah: this mantra is aimed to call on a specific deity’s help for wisdom and knowledge and she is often worshipped by those in the creative arts. The hope of being able to constantly generate new and innovative ideas that are pleasing and perhaps even revenue earning draws individuals to chant this mantra.

Learn To Breath Correctly While Reciting

Understanding how the whole recitation of mantras work is perhaps one way of being able to really appreciate its value and worth. Simply chanting certain phrases without the essence and technique properly utilized will not bring about the desired effects and may even cause other unforeseen or unwanted problems.

Correct Breathing

There are various ways and different enunciations used when chanting the mantras. These may differ because of the origins and the areas they are being practiced, thus the breathing techniques required may also differ to a certain degree.

These breathing techniques are also dominated by the different individual levels of consciousness and connections made through the meditative states.

Though sometimes thought to be rather confusing because of the different intonations used by different teachers, too much focus on trying to decide on which one to use coupled with the need to accompany these mantras with correct breathing techniques can cause the individual to experience some level of stress.

Therefore, it is recommended that less focus be put into “finding and learning the many intonations but instead the focus should be on the mantras themselves and the appropriate breathing techniques.

From a layman’s point of explanation, the interchanging and circulating of the breathing is where the nutrient within the environment is absorbed into the body directly into the bloodstream as opposed to the ordinary concept of through the lungs.

The flow of prana or chi enters the mind and body and circulates within the entire body creating a sense of peace, revitalization and rejuvenation. During the process of inhalation, the individual visualizes the air as pure and clear and the exhalation as a removal of impurities.

There is a belief that novices will start by breathing in the good chi and exhaling the bad, whereas the more practiced and experienced individual will breathe in the bad chi, clean it up and exhale good chi, this is done primarily to benefit others.

Tap Into the Vibrational Sound in Your Own Brain

Reciting mantras when properly done and at the level of consciousness that is required will produce the vibrations within the brain. Most beginners will not really be able to feel or realize this but in time the experience will become more profound, and the experience more clearly felt.

Tune In

Accepting the fact that the stubble sound is always present and that the vibrations emitted from it exists at a substratum level is achieved at a later and by the more experienced chanter.

These become more apparent during deep meditative sessions where the continuous vibrations from the ever sounding out of mmmmmm become loud yet serene.

OM is the basis for all other vibrations, sounds and mantras emergence thus creating the different emerging from and receding into phases. OM is also considered the equal link to the words like AMEN, AMIN, and SHALOM.

The eventual state of deep stillness and silence is experienced though the persistence of the vibrations from the intonations of the A, U, and M are still within.

The underlying vibration of the universe may be felt as coming from all places and through all things. Eventually most people attest to the pleasant sensation derived from the bussing or ringing sound that seems to be produced as an aftermath or the original lingering OM chant.

This vibration can be “heard” like the ending of the mantra and may vary in individual sounds until a more experienced level of practice is achieved. Listening to this with awareness of OM and its significance is a good way to start the vibration element of OM while getting a deeper sound of the mantra.

These vibrations can then be experienced in its fullest while at the same time still allowing for the mind to be unattached to any thought process but rather to focus on being neutral and relaxed.

Allow Thoughts to Come and Go

The natural function of the brain is to think. This thinking process produces thoughts either good or bad which is some way affects the general demeanor of any individual. With the help of meditation some control can be exercised over these thoughts, and they can be effectively channeled towards accordingly.

Open Your Mind

Thoughts popping into the brain randomly or as it connects with other surroundings will be sent to the brain which will process them in the form of teasers.

The more frequently the brain processes something the more frequently these teasers are sent. These teasers generally work to spur the brain to further indulge in processing the given information and to convert it into other follow up reactions resulting from the initial teaser.

Through meditation the brain can be trained to learn to identify and ignore the teasers as they come along as most times these teasers are only various forms of distractions and not serious bits of vital information.

Therefore, the more the meditative state is trained to ignore these intruding thoughts the better the results of serenity, calmness, and peace experienced.

The deeper the levels achieved through meditation and mantra chanting the more capable the brain becomes of allowing thoughts to come and go without invading and distracting the mind.

This then creates a better and increased health and energy wholesomeness that is beneficial in its finest and purest form. When this level is reached and maintained, the mental discipline allows for a greater ability to concentrate and focus fully and consistently thus leaving the individual less chances of becoming distracted.

The benefit of being able to be detached enough from anything in order to be free to get things done without the baggage of being emotional, judgmental and any other mental obstacles are well worth the effort to perfect.

Use Mantras Throughout Your Day

As the mantra is in essence a word or phrase, repeating a particularly chosen mantra throughout the course of a day, help those using this method stay focus and more in control of themselves and how they allow themselves to react to others and situations around as it is presented.

Repeating these mantras can often create the added strength for the individual to handle situations and people around in a more harmonious and calm way as opposed to allowing emotions to be expressed freely and detrimentally.

Utilize Them

Using different mantras according to the quality which one wishes to infuse into the state consciousness is very beneficial for the individual as this mantra helps the individual to have a stronger conviction and confidence which is both positive and gentle.

Aggression is never a part of the mantra chanting process, thus most exercising this will attest to the overwhelming results of peace and harmony. As for the spiritual significance, the path of mantra chanting brings the individual closer and more in harmony with body and mind to be as in tuned to the realm of the Supreme Being.

The connection could be towards just one facet of the Supreme Being but through this connection one is able to understand oneself and God on a deeper level.

Wrapping Up

The power of mantra chanting has very far-reaching benefits for those who have taken the trouble and effort to try its hypnotic style.

This power is believed and undisputedly so, to originate from the superior being, God. Training in the power of mantra chanting will allow the individual to have some control over the mind thus creating the ability to quiet the mind, provide refuge in difficult and challenging times, unlocking greater strength and great virtues and in extreme cases the development of fearlessness may occur from within.


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