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Spiritual Affirmations - Conclusion


Words concentrated with earnestness, conviction, faith, and intuition are like extremely explosive vibration tools, which, when set off, shatter troubles and produce the change wanted.

Every thought of depression or being happy, crossness or calm, cuts subtle channels in the brain cells and strengthens the tendencies towards illness or well-being.

Stubborn mental or physical diseases constantly have a deep root in the subconscious. Sickness might be cured by drawing out its hidden roots. That's why all affirmations of the witting brain ought to be impressive enough to penetrate the subconsciousness, which in turn mechanically influences the conscious brain.

Firm conscious affirmations thusly react on the brain and body with the medium of the subconsciousness. Still firmer affirmations reach not merely the subconscious mind however likewise the superconscious brain.

Declarations of reality ought to be practiced willingly, freely, intelligently, and devotionally. One’s care ought to not be allowed to slowdown. Drifting attention ought to be brought around again and again like a spoiled youngster and repeatedly and patiently trained to do its given task.

Patience and thoughtful, intelligent repetition work wonders. Affirmations for healing chronic mental or bodily afflictions ought to be repeated frequently, deeply and continuously, till they get to be part of one’s sound intuitional convictions.

Select your affirmation and repeat all of it, first loudly, then quietly and more slowly, till your voice gets to be a whisper. Then bit by bit affirm it mentally merely, without moving the mouth, till you feel that you've accomplished deep, unbroken concentration not unconsciousness, however a fundamental continuity of continuous thought.

If you carry on with your mental affirmation, and go still deeper, you'll feel a sense of increasing joyfulness and peace. During the state of rich concentration, your affirmation will blend with the subconscious mind , to come back later strengthened with power to influence your conscious brain.

During the time that you have ever-increasing peace, your affirmation gets deeper, into the superconscious realm, to return later with limitless power to influence your conscious brain and likewise to fulfill your desires.

How to...

  •  Select an affirmation for your certain need.

  •  Sit with back erect.

  •  Shut your eyes and gently center your gaze and concentrate at the point between the brows.

  •  Then, take a deep breath and exhale it, 3 times. Relax the body and keep it still....

  •  Cast aside tension, distrust, and worry....

  •  Repeat all of the affirmations

  •  Then gradually affirm it mentally

 If you continue with your mental affirmation, and go still deeper, you'll feel a sense of increasing joy and peacefulness..


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