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Self-Love Series - Mastering Thoughts and Emotions


It is not disputed within esoteric circles that the quality of your thoughts will determine the nature of your reality. And thought is really just a habit. If you can really change your thoughts you will be able to control what you experience. Even if you end up in a negative environment, you can still control your reaction to it.

Moreover, a negative environment is most likely only negative because you have some kind of negative belief surrounding it, which you can change.

Mastering Thoughts Thoughts gather momentum and tend to perpetuate themselves. And so, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer on this planet not due to any kind of structured inequality, but simply due to thoughts of poverty perpetuating themselves and thoughts of riches perpetuating themselves. People prefer to adopt a victim mindset than to take control of their thoughts and focus continually on wealth and solutions. It is so much easier to blame a villain than to accept responsibility. It is also far lazier and accomplishes nothing at all.

The primary reason that people have not mastered their thoughts is not a lack of information. It is a lack of dedication and consistency. People have a habit of instantly reacting to negative news and events without understanding the power of their own minds. They are the ones generating the stress, anxiety and worry as a result of their own powers of observation.

Gaining power over your thoughts is a lifelong endeavor. But it is the only real task that you have to do, as it determines everything. Mastering Emotions Thoughts and emotions are interlinked. While thoughts lead to emotions, it is entirely possible to learn to leverage emotions without any thoughts whatsoever. This is even more powerful. It is not the thought that generates the power, but the emotional energy behind it. So you can go directly to the source. Of course, the most powerful emotion is love, and you should try to master this if possible. Love can be generated if you place your thoughts on people that you adore. Over time, you will be able to summon the energy directly. This will not happen overnight but it will greatly increase your power and charisma.

Some events can generate an immensely negative reaction from a person due to previous trauma. And this can be very difficult to deal with. But the principles remain the same, though the intensity might be far worse. You have to find a way to deactivate the negative energy and focus on positive energy. This does not mean that you are ignoring the problem. A problem would imply that there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed. But reality is perception, and you need to change your mental and emotional lens to see things from the perspective of the higher self - who you really are: “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are” (The Talmud) A Note on Beliefs Beliefs deserve to be examined. They are often mentioned but rarely explored in detail. A belief is simply a thought that has been repeated over and over again. It becomes ingrained in the human being as a fact, though this is not really the case. As such, these beliefs can easily be deactivated by people who turn their attention toward positive thoughts. The new beliefs replace the old.

Again, it is not possible to feel both love and hate at the same time. They are opposites. But if you have a belief about someone that results in the energy of hatred, then you will continue to have this belief unless the thought chain is interrupted. Activating the exact opposite is key to deactivating a negative belief. However, you need to use meditation as an intermediary. If you are in anger or despair, first you need to meditate and slow down. Then you need to access the opposite belief.

Deep beliefs are often the biggest obstacle to new states of awareness. For example, you might have read all of the material but deep down do not feel you are worthy of a partner. There are a wide number of erroneous beliefs such as “resources are scarce and we must compete” and “you have to work hard to get rich”. These beliefs are completely inaccurate. Everybody has their own set of beliefs which need to be scrutinized. It is not possible to evolve with limiting beliefs. But you can use the power of habits to remove them over time.


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