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Resisting Temptations Make You Stronger


There’s no getting around temptations. Whichever way you look, you’ll see temptations all around you. And they become even more noticeable when you’ve set out to accomplish something, such as a long-term goal. When you initially start working towards your new goals, you’ll be so motivated, and you’ll have so much adrenaline pumping through your veins that you seem immune to temptations. Nothing can take your attention away from what you’re trying to build. In the Face Of Temptation As time goes by, however, your excitement will start waning off, you won’t be as motivated as before and you’ll start noticing more and more temptations coming your way. Without self-discipline, you’ll immediately fall victim to these temptations. You’ll find it so hard to say “no” and so much easier to just say “yes”. If you’ve got an important presentation to give in less than 12 hours, and your friends are literally dragging you out the front door to go watch your favorite band at the arena, and you can’t say “no”, then you’ve got a problem. Or if you’d rather finish watching your favorite TV series instead of working on your presentation when you know for a fact which activity is more important, then you need serious help. The more you give in to procrastination and these distractions, the more you veer off the track you’ve set for yourself.

Turning Your Back On Temptations

It’s a different story if you have a healthy stash of self-control hidden somewhere on your being. You’ll recognize temptation for what it is and you’ll do your best to fight it for as long as you can.

You’ll say “no” because you know how to and because you know that if you give in, you’re just putting a roadblock to your success.

Your friends will understand your reasons for rejecting them because they recognize the boundaries you have in place. They might even respect you because who can refuse to watch their favorite band in action, right?

Your determination, your self-control and your self-discipline will be transparent, and they’ll believe you mean it when you tell them no. Resisting temptations make you stronger because the more you say no, the more your resolve to continue your journey strengthens. And with it, you also develop your self-esteem and your self-discipline, too.


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