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See Past The Hardship When Going Through Hard Times


When you are going through a hardship, it can be difficult to be able to see, much less think, of something beyond your current predicament. But if you are going to overcome hard times, you must learn to see past your hardship. Although this may sound difficult, there are several things you can do to help yourself see past your current situation.

Think About Situations You’ve Conquered Before

Chances are, this isn’t your first hardship, so even though it may seem counterproductive, look back at your past hardships. Remember how you got through them. Are there things there which you can use to help you get through your current hardship? Even if there’s not, just reminding yourself that you are strong, and have conquered difficult things in the past, can really help you to see past your current hardship.

Write Through Your Emotions

Journaling can often be looked down upon in society. But there is no reason for this as journaling can be an immensely powerful tool in a number of situations, and seeing past hardship is one of them. For best results, you should spend time in your journal every day. You can simply jot down your feelings, goals, and ideas of how to work past your current hardship—whatever you want basically. The purpose of a journal is just to keep the negative emotions from building up within you and helping you find a way around your current situation.

Remove Yourself from The Situation

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of a crisis, you may not be seeing clearly enough to find a resolution. It will help you significantly if you take a step back from the problem, take a deep breath, then try solving the problem another way. Depending on the gravity of your situation, this step back could be longer than just a few minutes.

For example, if you are fighting with a spouse or loved one, it may be a good idea to take a day or two apart and try to see the situation more rationally after the emotions have dispersed.

Surround Yourself with Your Network

You are not alone. No matter what you are facing, someone will be there to support you. Consult friends and family, or if the situation involves them, seek our professional help such as a support group or therapist. Once you know you aren’t alone the hardship won’t seem so difficult to conquer.

Accept What Has Happened and Work Towards Moving On

This is the hardest part, but to work past hardship, you need to accept that the past is just that, the past, and begin working towards your new future. This means you need to set new goals for yourself (or re-vitalize any goals you may have set aside during your hardship).

This may seem difficult. But aim to conquer things one day at a time. If you need to, break down your goals into exceedingly small, manageable steps. So maybe the first day of your new goal is just getting out of bed before noon. Whatever it is, start to move towards it and leave your past behind.

Seeing past a hardship in your life can seem like an entirely impossible task. But whatever you are facing, it will pass. In the meantime, learn to see past your hardship by thinking about your past victories, writing through your emotions, and spending time with your loved ones. Then, it’s time to take a deep breath, take a step forward, and move towards your new future, leaving the past behind you where it belongs.


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