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On a Personal Note - My Prayer and Blessing for 2022

May the God of hope, faith charity, and love, be with us in this coming year.

May you take the time today to look back over your year and honor those days and the person you were in 2021. Many of us suffered lost and mourned, 2022 will hold its own tragedies and sorrows. We’ll relearn grieve and fight for joy.

In 2022 we may not see an end to the pandemic. We may not see the great changes we hope for, at least on grand scale. Let’s pray for it though. May God bless all those working to keep us safe and healthy, may he hold them in His sheltered hands. Let’s pray that all these challenges, uncertainties, principalities, and powers that rule our world, will not diminish, dispirit, or overwhelm us.

May we say good-bye to the things that do not serve us - the selfishness, the fear, the illusions of control, the bitterness, the self-pity, the learned hatred, nonaccepting, and say hello to wisdom, kindness, justice, inquisitiveness, wonder, goodness, generosity, possibility, peacemaking. May we rise to the demands of our time with dignity, grace, charity, hope and love.

May we open our heart, mind, and souls to God’s good healing.

It is precisely in these moments, in this wilderness, in this apocalypse, that we need to be rooted in the love of Our Creator. May our roots go down deep, like that of the tree of life, into that marvelous Love. May you bear the fruit of the Spirit - that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-discipline and rise above any feelings of despair and brokenness. I pray that your life will become a place of hope and love. May the things that were meant to destroy us be cast out and come to naught. May you rise from the ashes with a smile, a fierce heart that won’t be talked out of passion, desires, and possibility.

May 2022 bring you unexpected goodness and peace. May you light a candle in your darkest night and tend that flame, set it high in a window of your soul, let the world see that you are not lost, not beaten, but full of faithfulness and hopes. In fact, I pray for love – unconditional and never ending - for you this year. Heaps of love, love that wraps you, shields you, and embraces you, love that restores you and blesses you.

May we refocus our energies to save ourselves and to save the world, resting in our Creator’s good salvation. May new strength come to you in your sleep and in the stars and the moon. May you remain well. May your life be peaceful, healthy, and whole from the inside out.

I pray for gentleness and kindness to embrace you this year. May you see the goodness of God in every single day. May you be given wisdom and joy; may you walk in truth and justice. I pray for cold water when you are parched, for warmth when you are cold, healthy food when you are hungry, for a hand to hold when you are lonely, for the steady and abiding presence of God to fill your heart, mind, and spirit.

Bless you for the work God has given you to do. for the ways you have loved this year, for the unwavering devotion of you. for the unseen and uncelebrated ways, you have done your piece to restore the world. for your resilience and your suffering, how you have forgiven and released and welcomed this new year. I pray you find God’s great purpose in all the work you do, and all that touches your life this year.

As we turn towards a new year, may our Creator sanctify us with grace, hope and blessings. May our future be blessed with many more new years. May our Creator always guide us, comfort us, uplift us, always walking along side us on this road we call life as we make our way home.

May you greet 2022 with courage, grace, and knowledge; resting and abiding in your whatever faith you have, whatever God/Goddess you choose, draw your faith close to you. I pray you carry that faith with you, through 2022 and always.


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