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Thoughts on Love Series, Just My Thoughts


To think about love is to feel a blessing come over one's heart. But while taking in loves freshness and splendor you ever stop to wonder where love comes from, and how it comes to be?

Among the many journeys of life, we all have one journey in common, the heartfelt yearning and search for love. From the time you were born until the time you cross over, we spend our most profound moments in awe, in pain, in hopefulness, and in bliss over love.

The quest for love seems to be much a part of our nature, as using our hands to hold, or our minds to reason and imagine. As children love is a hug, and the security we feel from our parents, or a secret note passed to us in school from our best friend. As adolescents love takes on greater dimensions learning to love yourself, dating, the first kiss, the first break up, and then learning to take that risk again. As adults we experience the true depth of love. Searching for love, struggling with commitment, and then ultimately finding a lasting love, as true love, a soul mate. Also realizing the love of friends and family are just as rewarding and important to you. whether a child or grandparent, rich or poor, married or single, we each seem to be longing for love to fill our hearts.

While you are considering the nature and origin of love, also considered this; perhaps the answers to love’s questions are already within your heart. It is okay to listen and learn from what people of all ages say and think about love, but is it especially important to respect and listen closely to your own heart and head, for it is there that you will find the true answers of love for you.


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