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Love Is - Just For Fun - On this Valentine's Weekend Cannot see it unless you click the link!

**love is the sound of your words in my mind** **love seeks the heart and*************soul of its kindred kind** **love is the rhythm that**********************plays in your rhyme** **love for you grows stronger ********************and better each time**

**love takes tears and turns************************them into rainbows** **true love touches your heart, ************************* mind and soul** **love is a blanket when*******************************nights are cold** **love is two arms around***************************you when your old** **love is that inner warmth************************you cherish and hold** **love is your strength when**********************you need to be bold** **love is the light that leads*********************you out of strife** **love is the caring that*****************guides you thru life** **love is an affinity************that needs no name** **love is a fire***********that needs no flame** **it is the common touch of all of humanity** **my love for******** you blows** **kisses across**** the sea** **you will*** know love** **when it** is true** **for your heart** **will be** **telling** *you* ***



Just one of My Love Ideas


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