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Imagine a life where you wake every morning vibrant, with a zeal for life to go out and subdue and live the best way you can. Bringing out the best in all those around you, anticipating growth in every area of your life. Being able to do everything that you love doing, imparting change into your society, and those around you. Owning that unbridled glow that comes with leading a successful life. The joy of a purpose-filled life.

The idea of discovering your purpose has tremendous potential to revolutionize your entire life. With purpose fulfillment is birthed, it gives a meaning to life. Without a defined purpose our life becomes one lacking of direction, you become like chaff and go wherever the tides of life take you. Purpose gives you a clear vision of what you should be doing with your life on earth. You cease to live groping in the dark to find your way or just following the path of others, it creates a unique path for you. It gives you “your why.” Your reason for being alive.

It is in our nature as humans to look beyond everyday life, to see the reason for it all.

Understanding feeds our curiosity and makes us happier beings. We are seen at our most elevated and enlightened state when we have aligned with purpose. The purpose shapes our goals, guides our life decisions, and gives us a sense of responsibility. I believe we can only get to discover or define our purpose after searching deep within us, looking into and learning more about ourselves until we know that which makes our hearts race, what makes our spark light up so bright it gives off light to the world around us.

The journey of finding your unique purpose is one you ought to choose to embark on and take the responsibility to put in the work required. For most of us, it could take a lifetime just trying to figure out what makes us tick, what we are passionate about, and what role we want to play in the lives of those around us. We might not be so definite about what we love, for some it is a grey area but there is an easier way of living a fulfilled life without having to figure it all out first.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

It is easy for us to speak about finding purpose but for a whole bunch of us it has been a lifelong quest and yet still we haven’t figured it out. Does that make you seem like you are not serious about your life? well yes to those who have it all in order, but to me that just makes you a normal human being who is fighting to figure out life one day at a time. To those who have not yet gotten all the answers and cannot figure out the way, there is a better GPS we could all use to navigate without first going on a treasure hunt.

Our true state of being is one of joy and complete bliss when we are happy we are in our most relatable state and that is how it was always meant to be. The guiding light to an abundant life is joy. Make joy your GPS, let it be your purpose and it will lead you straight to where you are supposed to be. With joy as your purpose, you will pursue it to all ends and in the process of finding joy, all other things just fall in place. Whatever you are passionate about, all of it is supposed to give you a joy-filled life, the moment you follow where the joy is taking you, you are also pursuing your passion and walking in your path of purpose.

Let the quest for purpose be that of finding your joy, invest as much time into it as possible. Find your space of peace inside yourself and that which brings you peace around you. Make it a culture to feed on adventure, try new things, learn new things daily. Be filled with longing for growth and self- betterment. Get rid of all toxic emotions and thoughts by feeding your mind with the suitable content full of positivity. Fall in love with self-care, your mental and physical well-being because in all of it joy is derived.

Savor every experience, look beyond the imperfections of every situation, and use the brighter side as a source of your joy. When you reset the condition of your heart to one of being grateful instead of finding fault you create a conducive environment for a joy-filled life. In service, we are drawn out of our shells of selfish thoughts and self-importance and we learn to put the needs of the next before us. Your purpose is never about you only but it involves acts of service and use of gifts to benefit our fellow humans, find joy in helping, and putting a smile on someone’s face. Be an answer and the joy space becomes your dwelling and your purpose is fulfilled. Go out today and make finding joy your purpose and in the process, you will be creating joy for others.


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