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Joy Series - Keeping your joy in a crisis


Every day, all around you are situations sending different messages such as, “You are doomed, you are weak, you don’t have what it takes, you will die, you are foolish, you are a loser…” it is up to you to take such statements to heart and be discouraged or to boldly take your stand and answer back. Sickness and disease usually come carrying such negative and intimidating messages to you but your reaction is what determines whether or not you keep your joy. Remember your dis-ease can become a disease. Most people believe they don’t have a choice, meaning that if a situation is unfavorable, it only makes sense that they be angry, bitter, or frustrated as a result of it. My mother believes the opposite of that. “It is already a bad situation; you might as well decide to be happy because getting worked up over it changes nothing!” she would tell me. She often told me it is “Pollyannaism, to focus on the positive, find good in everything.

Is your body suffering from some form of ailment, infection, or serious disease? Add at least an ounce of positivity to your situation by making sure your inner self is as healthy as could be. Focus your thoughts on healing, it may be difficult to visualize it especially when you are facing a serious crisis with your health where you see or feel a part of your body eating away every day but practice seeing yourself recover until it happens. Those thoughts concentrated on recovery will attract that strong desire for healing towards you. Focusing on the pain only works to steal away your bliss, do not do it. Take on this winning attitude when taking care of a sick person as well. It is amazing what genuine love and care can do to an unwell person, sometimes it is all they need to feel better and recover fast.

Average people don’t cease to talk about the economy and how much it affects them on a personal level. They are always angry about leaders and their policies as they take everything personally. Well, it is true that if your country’s economy is collapsing, surely the ripple effects of that will reach your finances as a businessperson, an employer, or an employee. It is undeniable that doing business in an environment where the economy is bad is such a difficult task because for starters planning becomes complicated when unexpected turns can happen anytime. It certainly is not easy for the average worker looking forward to regular wages to operate in a place where the economy is not stable because commodity prices go up a lot while their wages don’t but what if you became an above-average person?

That’s it, do not be average. Take charge and make solid plans for your finances into the near as well as distant future. A storm may come around you but when you are prepared you certainly are better off. Stay prepared by studying money: how to make it, how to save it, and how to grow it. Study your habits around it and get rid of the bad ones while cultivating new, better ones. Strategically position yourself so that whether the economy sways to the left or the right you will have a certain advantage. Your joy has a higher chance of surviving when fewer things catch you unaware and you can avoid certain crises.

What if you found yourself already engulfed in an economic disaster? Is it possible to still retain an attitude of joy as you maneuvered through? Of course, it is, it takes knowing that stressing about it only ages your face and possibly causes heart conditions. Yes, it is possible to stay calm and joyful while thinking of solutions to the problem. Instead of falling into the great depression, think of lessons you could learn from the difficult situation you find yourself in and decide that you will act wiser in the future. Doing this takes the focus away from the painful present to a hopeful tomorrow that you can reach up to should you change your way of doing things.


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