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Is Detoxing Right for You Series

The Basic Rules of Detoxing Your Body


With a detox, you’re going to have to identify the toxins in your own life and then avoid them. At the same time, you’ll need to take some steps to boost your body with the repair process.

You can detox your body from the inside-out. The toxins are things you’ve ingested as well as outer pollutants that have landed on your body. Many people don’t think about it, but your skin is the largest organ you have – and you may not be protecting it from toxins in the air.

When you detox, you’ll not only be identifying and avoiding toxins, but you’ll be using things like diet, sleep, stress relief and more to help rid your body of damaging elements.

When you go through a full body detox, not only will your skin get cleansed, but your internal organs as well – your kidney, stomach, lungs and more. Your kidneys and sweat glands will do most of the heavy lifting during the detox process.

After identifying where your toxins are coming from, start replacing the processed foods with organic, whole foods. If you notice your diet has gaps in what your body needs nutritionally, then supplement it with various solutions like vitamins and minerals.

A good place to start would be:

  • A good multi vitamin – specifically one for your gender and age group

  • Omega-3 fatty acids – a great thing to take in lieu of eating oily, toxic fish like tuna

  • Vitamin B – preferably, a vitamin B complex that contains all of the B vitamins

  • Vitamin C – which will help boost your immune system

  • Vitamin E – with powerful antioxidants and the ability to keep you well

  • Resveratrol – which does the same as red wine, providing antioxidants

Diet is one of the main things you’ll be addressing during this detox. You want to start by knowing what to avoid putting into your shopping cart at the grocery store. That includes:

  • Milk, which is packed with antibiotics and hormones

  • Corn oil, which comes from genetically modified corn

  • Margarine, or anything that contains trans fat

  • Soy, which many believe is healthy but is horribly processed for consumers

  • Deli meat, which is packed with salt, artificial color and flavors and more

  • Tuna fish, which contains higher levels of toxic mercury than other fresh fish

  • Lard, which comes ripe with steroids, hormones and antibiotics like milk

  • Artificial ingredients, like colors and sweeteners that are harmful to your body

Get ready to sweat! Your body’s sweat glands help usher out toxins from the body. So in addition to exercise, your body’s natural sweat activation system, you can also use heat like a pampering sauna (which has now been proven to help with heart health) to increase your body’s sweat potential.

You’re going to have to change your habits. Everything from getting a good night’s sleep to getting up and moving more will help your body flush out toxins on a daily basis.

If you smoke, you’ll need to stop. If you drink alcohol, let go of that habit during your detox stage. Even bad habits like cursing a lot can weigh heavily on your emotions and contribute to stress, which is toxic to your body because it floods your bloodstream with unhealthy hormones.


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