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In Love with Words Series - The Power of Poems


This week is definitely the week for lovers to sharpen their pencils, put on their thinking caps, and try to captivate the partner, or special admirer with words of love. Words that will reaching their mind, heart, and soul to make the person want to be with them. To create a very special bond with the use of words. This week thoughts to keep in mind.

The Power of Poems

Most often the female gender seems to find is very pleasing when love is expressed in poems. Escaping from reality gives these poem composers a chance to express themselves in a very “flowery” way. Tapping into this very old method of communicating love seems to appeal to the current generation, probably because of its novelty factor.

Using the internet as an ideal platform for expressing one’s self through love poems will allow the individual to create ways to impress the other party through these poems. For those who are rather shy in expressing themselves in other ways, poem writing can help them to express themselves without feeling any sort of inhibition. Poem writing is also another effective way of showing loved ones they are being thought of, and this of course is very ego inflating and rather warming. This is especially so for those who are using the online dating platform to show their feelings in a romantic way, as this will help to “sell” the individual in a better light overall.

Love poems can actually allow the creative side of an individual to be expressed. This is a great platform for the more artistic individual who is interested in wooing the other party, as in most cases it will be viewed in a better light and as well the individual penning the poems does not have to worry about facing any ridicule in person.


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