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How Your Experiences Shape You


How did you get to where you are today? Most people do not have time to ask themselves and reflect on this question. This is an important question to ask yourself, especially if you want to continue to grow and progress through life. Most people find themselves in difficult challenges through life, but when they can overcome these challenges, the result is almost always worth it.

Whether you were working towards a promotion, you are experiencing financial hardship, or you and your significant other have relationship struggles, you were able to stick through it and now you can see the fruits of your labor. Seeing these results should instill a great amount of pride in you and you should walk with your head held high.

No one needs to know the struggles or challenges you have been through, all they need to know is that you are an extraordinarily strong person. Others thrive on the success of others and that is what makes them want to succeed themselves.

Some people have more difficult challenges than others, or so it seems. You must never go throughout life thinking “well he doesn’t have it that difficult, that is why he is where he is”, or “well she has everything handed to her and that is why she has what she has”. It is quite easy to do this throughout our lives, but we must refrain from it. With this mentality, one can easily begin to give up and forget what they are working towards.

Those people that seem to have it all have gone through their struggles too. Their challenges could have been greater or less than yours, but they had to work hard to get to where they are now. Challenge yourself to be happy for the person who has reached their goal and work hard to get to where you want to go. Use their success as your inspiration.

It is extremely important to never give up and ask for help along the way. It takes a strong person to overcome challenges alone, but it takes an even stronger person to ask for help on the journey. Being able to ask for help will humble you and will allow you to learn a lot faster than trying to figure it out on your own.

It will also bring a sense of relief knowing that you are not going through this alone and you have a support system behind you. It may surprise you who in your life has had similar struggles and knows how to work through the challenges you are facing. Welcome their advice but do not feel obligated to take it. Different people have different variables within their challenges than others and everything needs to be taken into consideration. There is no “one way” to do something.

Always remember that every challenge you are faced with is a learning experience.

These experiences will help you later down the road or they may help others that come to you for help. Always take a step back and think of how you should approach the challenge. It may be more beneficial to have a loose plan then just diving in and hoping for the best. Understand that plans can and will change, you just adapt to it as you see fit and keep on going.

You must always remember to never lose hope.

No matter what the challenge is that you are facing, there is always hope and your struggles will soon subside. Find strength and comfort in those that are close to you and let them know what is going on. Your judgment may be clouded at the time but those around you, that want the best for you, will do their best to help you along. Also, have patience, things like this do not happen overnight.

Once you have made it through the rough patch, and you are able to breathe a sigh of relief, give yourself some credit! It is comforting and sometimes overwhelming when you know you have won the battle and can relax. You did everything that you needed to do to get where you needed to go, and you should be proud of yourself for never giving up.

Be proud that you were able to overcome what may have felt like the end of the world. No two struggles are the same. Learn from yours and the struggles of others. Be prepared for future struggles and always try to help those that are close to you when they need it.

Be there for them as they were for you. Always remember that you do not know what others are going through. Never put anyone down or add to their stress. Instead, offer a helping hand because one day, you might encounter another challenge that you may need the helping hand yourself. Be a positive influence to those around you, and you will be a much happier person.

Most important, remember, this experience has shaped you into a resilient person!


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