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How Vision Boards Work


The vision board is not a bogus fad but it's understandable that people may be skeptical. After all, how can looking at a bunch of pictures lead to anything effective or tangible? Vision boards are fun to make and use but can they realistically achieve any results? The answer is an emphatic yes.

The concept behind how vision boards work is backed by some very powerful research. Some of these scientific findings give us reasons to take vision boards very seriously.

On the other hand, proponents of the Law of Attraction present a plausible theory, although with less conclusive scientific evidence.

Let’s see how vision boards work according to both categories.

The science behind vision boards

Vision boards rely on the power of visualization to rewire the brain. Your brain is an amazing organ that loves to be stimulated by learning and process new information. However, one important study found that the brain doesn't have the capacity to distinguish between a vision of the future and memory. This is where the magic of visualization can be harnessed.

When you learn something new, such as how to drive a car or bake a cake, your brain makes a new memory of that activity. The more you repeat the action, the more that memory becomes imprinted in your brain. Over time, a new "neural pathway" is formed, which transforms the memory into a learned behavior or a habit.

But remember, your brain can’t differentiate between the real physical experience of doing something and your imagination. When you visualize something, your brain will create a memory in the same way - and respond to it as if it were real!

If you consistently visualize or contemplate a future idea, it will become a reality for your brain. Your brain will form a new neural pathway and begin to create deliberate behaviors that make that vision more attainable. When you begin to use your vision board, you will notice how your brain will come up with creative and innovative ideas for achieving your vision. You will be amazed at how it will fuel your passion and drive to live your vision and keep it top of mind.

This is not an idea from a science fiction novel. It's backed by a study done at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. One group of participants was asked to do scheduled physical workouts while another was asked to do "visual workouts".

The group that did the physical gym workouts showed a 30% muscle increase. The group that worked out in their heads showed an amazing 13.5% muscle increase! Yes, this is a real study that was published in Psychology Today.

Just by visualizing that they were working out, the brains of the second group believed that they were doing so physically. They rewired themselves to give these participants the results of an actual work out!

Today more than ever, the power of visualization is under serious investigation. Research has already shown that visualization can help relieve aches, pains, and other ailments but the potential, especially in healing chronic diseases is mind-boggling.

This is exactly how a vision board works. It allows you to harness the power of visualization by reflecting on your goals every day so that your brain works with you to achieve them.

The Law of Attraction

In a nutshell, the law of attraction states that everything in the universe is energy, including our thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive energy that over time will manifest into reality.

The law of attraction is a scientifically proven natural law but whether it applies to thoughts in this way has not been conclusively proven. When it applies to vision boards, it can be viewed more as a philosophy.

The famous book The Secret explains how the Law of Attraction works to manifest physical abundance in your life through positive visualization and gratitude practices.

Many of its advocates report that it has worked miracles in their lives by allowing them to attract and manifest wealth, love and success. Although backed by a very small volume of research, there is no definite evidence that it works – and there are many skeptics who have refuted that it does.

The bottom line: There's no doubt that visualization, whichever way it works, can create tangible results. If nothing else, the psychological benefits alone are enough reasons for creating a vision board. Thinking about your vision daily reinforces motivation, optimism, excitement and resilience.

Now that you've learned how vision boards work and what they can do for you, let's start creating your own amazing vision board.


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