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How To Identify Your Needs


We all know that we have certain needs. But how do we know exactly what we need at a particular time? During different stages of life, we need different things. It is because of our mental state, physical state, or situations that we are going through.

We must consider many things when trying to determine what we need, but where do you start? Here are a few things to think about when you are trying to identify what you need and how to help pinpoint what you need at that specific time.

Tune into Your Body

When you tune into your body, you clear your mind and focus on one section of your body at a time. Eliminate outside distractions and feel what your body may be telling you. Are you hurting anywhere?

What type of hurt are you experiencing? Are you getting enough sleep?

Are you always feeling tired? Do you need a day to yourself to rejuvenate and reset? Once you are able to tune into your body, you will find out what your body needs and where you can improve.

Ask Yourself What You Need

It may sound funny bit ask yourself what you need. When you can articulate what you need (not what you want), you will be able to achieve that need. If you need a vacation because you have been overworking yourself, start planning. If you need to start exercising more, make time in the day to go for a walk or a light jog.

You know that you need many things, but life and people around you cause you to push your needs aside and do something for others. There is nothing wrong with taking care of others, but to take care of others, you must take care of yourself.

Ask Others What You Need

Ask those closest to you what you need. People around you can see from the outside in and provide recommendations that they are noticing you lack. Many people go blind to things that they may need in their own lives because they are busy working or taking care of others.

When you are told what you need and what you lack, it becomes more real to you. There may be times when you think that those people may be wrong, but the more that you think about it, the more you may begin to agree. Sometimes we need people that care about us to bring things to our attention for those things to be addressed.

Decide What Activities Make You Happy

Being able to decide what activities make you happy is half the battle. The other half is being able to incorporate these activities into your day, week, or month. Being able to partake in the activities that you enjoy doing will give you more than you think. You will have the opportunity to not only do things that you want but also be providing yourself the time to let go.

Having fun is good for your mental self, and it will allow you to release your stresses and take you away from reality for a little while. You will be able to rest your mind. Just do not take your problems with you during these activities.

Allow yourself to go out and have a good time without thinking about what worries you back home. Allow those worries to go to the back burner and wait for later. Being able to reset mentally will help you make better judgment later when these issues reemerge.


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