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How to Boost Your Immunity Against the Coronavirus Series - Zinc



Zinc, an essential nutrient found throughout your body, it plays a wide range of roles in the human body. Including supporting the function of 300 enzymes. The body needs zinc to carry out normal metabolism and ensure the proper function of the reproductive, cardiovascular, and nervous system.. Zinc is also important to wound healing, and your sense of taste and smell. With a varied diet, your body usually gets enough zinc.

Zinc also supports the production an maturation of white blood cells, which are the major players in the immune system. Zinc helps to regulate inflammation, which is necessary to fight infection. This is why Zinc helps with the infection responsible for some of the worst symptoms of COVID-19

Foods high in zinc include animal products, such as meat, shellfish, chicken, and fortified breakfast cereal. However, beans, nuts, and seeds also contain zinc. Phytates in vegetables and grains can reduce the absorption of zinc and, therefore, vegetarians and vegans may need 50% more zinc in their diet.

In addition:

Another tip is to try and support a healthy microbiome. This refers to the collection of microbes living in your stomach, intestines, and elsewhere. Most bacteria are harmless and actually good for you, and in fact they play an important role of keeping bad bacteria AND bad viruses away. If you have a stronger gut fauna, then you will be less likely to contract viruses of all kinds.

So how do you support this in your own body? One tip is to try and consume more fibrous foods, as well as more fermented foods and yogurts. The latter two contain nature cultures of friendly bacteria, while the former will help to feed the bacteria by passing through to the areas where they live.

The most important thing you can do for your gut bacteria though, is to consume as varied a diet as possible. Studies show that the cultures with the strongest microbiomes are also those that eat a rich and varied diet. One good goal to aim for is to consume 50 different ingredients/foods every single week.


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