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How to Boost Your Immunity Against the Coronavirus Series - Vitamin E

Vitamin E


Vitamin E meanwhile is a powerful antioxidant too, but also a key player in many of the fundamental biochemical reactions throughout the body governed by the immune system.

It fights free oxygen radicals and thus protects your DNA, heart, and nervous system. This vitamin strengthens your immune system, balances your cholesterol levels, rejuvenates your skin, and can even stimulate hair growth.

Vitamin E may protect the body from environment hazards, however recent research does not support facts that Vitamin E prevents cancer. It may change the effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Please check with your doctor or oncologist before taking vitamin E or other supplement.

Vitamin E works with other antioxidants, zinc, and minerals to help slowing down the rate of vision loss, treat cystic fibrosis, leg muscle pains, improve wound healing, prevent heart disease, improve sexual function, athletic performance, scar healing, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease to name a few.

Foods rich in vitamin E are vegetable oils, such as wheat germ, sunflower, corn, and soybean oils. Nuts such as almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts. Seeds, such as sunflower seeds, mangos, avocados, and of course green leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.


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