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How to Boost Your Immunity Against the Coronavirus Series - Intro



The Coronavirus is a virus that spreads via airborne droplets, much like most other viruses including the common cold and flu.

This ensures that the virus is able to spread quickly from person to person, but it doesn’t mean that every person who comes into contact with it will immediately be affected. This comes down to many factors, including the strength of your immune system. Just as some people manage not to get sick when everyone else in their family has the flu, it’s also possible for some people to resist the coronavirus if their immune system is up to the challenge.

There is no specific strategy to follow in order to fortify yourself against the coronavirus, but there are plenty of tips that can help to make you less susceptible to all forms of illness, which will in turn help you to stave off this particular illness.

In this series we will explore steps you can take to help guard against this virus that has changed our lives, and the world in which we live.


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