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How Guided Meditation Works


If you’re ready to give guided meditation a shot then you may be wondering just what the process will look like.

If You’re Meditating From Home

Download An App

Although this may sound easy, not all guided meditation applications are the same. Make sure you read the description and reviews to see that the app is about before you download it.

And if you download a guided meditation app, follow a session, and find you didn’t enjoy it, don’t be afraid to try a different app—as they are all different and you may just need to find the right fit for you.

Find A Quiet Location

With guided meditation it is important that you are able to hear and focus on the instructions you are given. This can be difficult if you are somewhere which is especially noisy. If there is no way for you to ignore the noise, consider using headphones while engaging in guided meditation.

Get Comfortable

Meditating will be very difficult if you are uncomfortable, and this may distract you from being able to focus on your meditation. So, sit somewhere where you are comfy. And what is comfy for you may not be comfy for others, so don’t let anyone tell you that you need to sit anywhere specific. You also should dress in clothes that you find comfortable.

Start Your Guide

This is the easy part. You press play and off you go! This is the awesome part of guided meditation, because besides finding a comfy and quiet place, everything is done for you so there is no need to think about it!

Using Recorded Guided Meditation

Similar to the above, in this case it is a recorded guided meditation that takes you through a meditation. This is a simple and convenient way to meditate on all types of topics.

If You’re Taking A Class Or Hiring A Guide

Find A Guide And Class That Is Right For You

Similar to downloading a guided meditation app, you may find that the first class you find in your city isn’t the best guided meditation class for you.

Or you may find it hard to meditate with other people in the room and you should consider trying a private session to see if you like this better. And don’t be afraid to shop around a little, as not all meditation guides are the same.

Your Guide Will Ask You To Get Comfortable

If you are taking a class, it is critical that you wear comfortable clothes to your class. You may also be asked to bring a yoga mat to lie down on, or your classroom may be outfitted with specific comfortable spots to sit.

When you are asked to get comfortable, like previously mentioned, this is something which will be personal for you. Whatever position you choose, make sure it is comfortable for you.

The Guide Will Start

You don’t even have to press play! Once everyone is comfortable your guide will start the meditation session and you won’t have to lift a finger while he or she guides you to relaxation.

One nice thing about having a human guide rather than an app is that it is much easier for a guide to tailor a session to you, especially if you find you enjoy private guided meditation sessions.


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