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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series - Healing Emotional Issues


Unfortunately for many, one of the easiest ways to deal with big, difficult emotions is to repress or ignore them. Even if you can hide your emotions and pretend that they aren’t there, you aren’t truly healing or dealing with them – you are only preparing yourself for greater issues in the future! Learning how to heal emotional issues correctly is the only way to ensure you’re handling emotions in a way that serves to heal and self-nurture your tired inner self, mind, and spirit.

Facing emotions head-on can feel frightening, raw, and intimidating for many. To practice healing your emotions, begin with small baby steps by allowing yourself to actually feel and experience the emotion first.

Often, by having a chance to feel your emotion, you can begin processing and healing from it quicker. Next, acknowledge that your feelings and emotions are valid because having emotions is quite normal. Afterward, give yourself permission to let go of the emotion.


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