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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series Continued

Eliminate Toxic People From Your Life

Toxic people spread negativity around like germs – just as your sick friend could easily pass the flu to you, a toxic person can pass their negative attitude to you!

If you notice that you have a toxic person in your life, consider eliminating them. While this may seem harsh, it’s a great healing practice. If you allow toxic people to remain a part of your life, you’re giving them permission to continue their negative behaviors that affect you badly. Rather than living to please them, dealing with their negativity, or accepting their criticisms, give yourself the gift of letting them go.

Eliminate Toxic Behaviors

Just as other toxic people can bring their own toxic behaviors into your life….you may have some toxic behaviors of your own that need eliminating! Consider your own behaviors and traits. Are any of them hurting you rather than helping you? If so, you may need to change your ways and develop a healthier set of behaviors and habits to replace them!

Redecorate: Surround Yourself With Things In Your Home That Inspire You, Make You Feel Good, And Bring Peace And Contentment

Your personal spaces should feel like a comfortable safe haven. Whether you own an entire home or have your own bedroom, making your space feel inspiring and peaceful are important for your own wellbeing.

Consider redecorating your space with things that inspire you, make you feel good, and bring you contentment. When your space makes you feel happy, you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease in your private space. Surrounding yourself with this comfortable and peaceful space is excellent for self-nurturing!

Listen to Motivational and Well Being Podcasts

It seems like everyone is plugged into great podcasts these days. If you are too busy to enjoy motivational, self-improvement, or wellbeing books, consider finding a great podcast to enjoy instead!

There are tons of wellbeing podcasts that center on all sorts of topics, such as meditation, stress management, self-help, and more. To find a great one that focuses on your specific motivational or wellbeing needs, you can browse the internet for great options that suit your interests.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

Each day, try to do one thing that makes you happy – even if it feels like something small. Even the smallest attempt to bring yourself happiness is an excellent way to heal your inner self, mind, and spirit.

For example, you can take a walk outside in the sunshine during your lunch break at work, treat yourself to some fresh flowers, or jump in a puddle during a rain shower. Whatever brings you some happiness, do it!

Date Yourself

New relationships feel extremely magical during the “honeymoon” phase. Even if you aren’t in a relationship with someone at the moment, consider dating yourself!

Think about all the things you enjoy a new partner doing on dates – do they get you dessert after dinner? Do they invite you over for snacks and movies? Do they surprise you with chocolates? If you enjoy these types of dating activities, bring yourself some self-nurturing by dating yourself!

Treat yourself to some of these fantastic dating perks. After all, you spend more time with yourself than any partner ever will. Show yourself some extra love and attention by dating yourself.

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring is extremely therapeutic. Filling in the blank spaces of a coloring book can help you feel a sense of relaxation and contentment. This simple healing and self-nurturing practice is an excellent way to distract your mind from the hustle and bustle of the day’s activities.

If the idea of your childhood coloring books doesn’t excite you, consider grabbing one designed for adults instead – these are designed with more complex shapes and figures to color, holding your focus and attention better than the ones you remember from kindergarten!


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