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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series Continued -

A massive healing practice involves spending time doing what you love. When you identify a true passion for doing something – whatever that activity might be – it’s essential that you find time in your schedule to do it regularly.

Life may pull you in many different directions between your career, your family, your social life, and other obligations, but you have a big obligation to yourself to bolster your inner self and your happiness. Do so by making time to do what you love on a regular basis.

If you enjoy painting, reading, exercising, playing an instrument, or acting, find a way to do it each week. Whatever your passion is, find time to engage with it!


Keeping a journal is an excellent self-reflective practice that can heal your inner self, mind, and spirit. Whether you journal about your day, certain aspects you want to track about yourself, how you’re feeling, and so on, keeping a journal is a great way to stay in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Your journal doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, your journal can be kept digitally on a computer, freehand in an old notebook, or as a series of collages and drawings in a sketchpad. However, you choose to journal, the outcome is the same. You’re giving yourself a creative outlet to express yourself and get your thoughts out of your own mind.

Creative Activities

Albert Einstein is famously quoted as saying, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Engaging in creative activities is a fabulous way to self-nurture yourself. When you allow yourself chances to be creative, you’re expressing your thoughts and emotions in a way that everyday life wouldn’t typically allow.

Give yourself a chance to explore a variety of creative outlets to find the ones that feel best for you. Break out a new set of paints, learn how to crochet, build something out of clay, or try your hand at drawing. Whatever way you choose to express yourself creatively will be an excellent way to heal your inner self, mind, and spirit.

Venting/Talking To A Trusted Source

When you’re feeling frustrated about something happening in your life, it can feel incredibly damaging your inner self, mind, and spirit. Whether you’re sitting on some tough news or dealing with a particularly challenging situation, keeping that knowledge to yourself can feel painful and difficult.

When you find yourself in this kind of situation, find a trusted source you can talk or vent to about what’s happening. Getting all your thoughts, feelings, and emotions out about what’s bothering you is an excellent way to release that inner pressure.

As an added bonus, your trusted source may be able to offer you the advice or encouragement needed to move forward in your particular situation.

Express Your Emotions

Learning to express emotions is a sticky process. Many folks feel uncomfortable about expressing emotions; to avoid the discomfort and awkwardness, they may choose to repress them instead.

At the moment, this can feel like the easiest way to handle emotions, but ultimately repressed emotions don’t disappear forever – instead, they hide deep within you until they eventually “bubble” back to the surface….often worse than when you first experienced them!

Expressing emotions as you feel them is an excellent healing practice. In fact, giving yourself permission to feel and express emotions as you experience them is the first step toward healing your inner self from them.

Expressing emotions outright means you don’t give yourself time to hold them in and repress them. Therefore, you are letting yourself begin the healing process faster.

Find your favorite furry friend for this healing and self-nurturing practice! The experts at The Positive Psychology People explain that spending time snuggling with your dog or cat is a fantastic way to boost your positivity and heal your spirit, especially when you’re experiencing rough times.

When you spend time cuddling with a dog or cat (or any of your other furry pals), you’re releasing lots of feel-good chemicals in your body. Your dog or cat is likely to provide a sense of security and acceptance for you, and spending time connecting with them is always an instant mood booster.


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