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Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series Continued -


Spend Time With Positive Influences And Connections

The people you choose to keep in your company hold a lot of influence over you. People tend to mirror and mimic the behaviors and attitudes of the folks they spend the most time with. If your inner circle tends to be negative, reconsider with whom you’re sharing space.

A great way to heal your inner self, mind, and spirit is to spend more time with positive influences and connections. Spending time around folks who have big dreams, goals, and positive attitudes are instant mood boosters – not only will you feel better around folks who spread positivity, but you’ll also feel more inspired and motivated by their infectious attitudes.

Create Positive Experiences

Creating your own positive experiences is a great way to self-nurture. Set yourself up for a happy, positive experience by making one happen for yourself. Often, people live with the misconception that happiness will just magically happen or come to them. Sometimes these random spurts of happiness happen, but you also have the power to create positive experiences for yourself!

Self-nurture by creating your own positive experiences. There are many ways to create your own, but consider the following options to get started:

● Sign yourself up for a class to learn something different.

● Ask a new friend out for coffee or lunch.

● Try a new restaurant and find a new favorite food.

● Give someone a genuine compliment.

● Do something nice for a stranger.

● Surprise your friend, partner, or family member with an unexpected kindness.

Joyful Activities

Healing and self-nurturing can be achieved by feeling pure, honest joy. To experience joy, get yourself involved with activities to spark it!

Similar to creating your own positive experiences, you’ll need to find ways to get yourself involved in a truly joyful activity. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to get yourself feeling joyful!

Consider the following ideas to spark joy within yourself:

● Volunteer in the kitten or puppy departments at your local animal shelter or rescue organization.

● Get involved in your kids’ playtime. Alternatively, volunteer to babysit or get yourself involved in a community program that benefits children – engaging in kids’ playtime helps you reconnect to your own childhood.

● Dance around your house like nobody's watching. For bonus joy, blast fun music.

● Treat yourself to your favorite meal or dessert. Let yourself savor every last bite.


Laughter really is the best medicine….for healing and self-nurturing yourself! One of the most surefire methods to heal your inner self, mind, and spirit is to get yourself laughing.

To get yourself laughing, make plans with one of your best (and funniest) friends, watch your favorite comedy TV show or movie, or go see a comedian. Spending time talking with your kids, joking with your partner, and telling silly jokes are other great ways to get laughter flowing through yourself.

However, you choose to engage with laughter, the benefits are numerous. The acts of laughter and smiling trigger serotonin to release in your brain. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly thrilled, you can start this release process by faking your way through a smile. At first, it may feel awkward, but give it time – it will likely turn into actual laughter and feelings of merriment.


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