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Crystal Healing - Quartz

In the pecking order of crystals utilized in spiritual healing nothing stands higher up than Quartz. The healing energies of quartz have long been recognized. Since the time of the fabled Atlantis no stone has been more revered for its crystal healing attributes than Quartz.

The Main One

To the shaman and metaphysical healer quartz is the quintessential curative stone. Quartz crystals possess all of the attributes the practitioner of Crystal Healing looks for.

Whether that's the Reiki Master, the Shaman or the acupuncturist who utilizes needles that have been coated with quartz. Even science realizes the unparalleled and astonishing abilities of Quartz Crystals.

The crystalline structure of quartz carries electricity and radio frequencies. Its why Quartz is utilized in radios and additional electronic devices. And why men of science are experimenting with Quartz and additional crystals as sources of possibly unlimited alternative energy.

The “Dilithum” Crystals that powered the Starship Enterprise, and the nearly magical crystals that were the basis of Kryptonian science in the Superman flicks, are likely not as implausible as it might seem, and were more than probably inspired by the really true energy transmutation powers of quartz crystals.

There are a lot of different sorts of Quartz Crystals, and everyone has their own unequalled healing powers and impact different parts of the body and help with different ailments.

For instance, Rose Quartz is utilized by crystal healers for headaches, the handling of heart issues and kidney disease. Although Clear Quartz is utilized to draw out pain, bring back clarity of consciousness, and to broadly amplify all curative energies.

However, all Quartz Crystals have the power to accord with and realign the vibrations of the body, bringing back balance. That's what makes quartz crystals so efficient in healing. Most disease states, but particularly mental disorders, and neurological issues may be linked to some sort of “chemical” or “Neurotransmitter” instability. The influence of quartz crystals may mend these imbalances.

The electro-magnetic attributes of quartz are mostly due to the base of its crystalline anatomical structure being made up of Silica. Silica is a natural occurring glass. Silica is detected in some level in nearly every healing crystal, Chakra stone, or ritualistic gem. Silica likewise shares it chemical and molecular construction with Silicon, likewise, known for its electro-magnetic attributes (does the name Silicon Valley mean anything?).

That’s correct the same basic component that we rely on to communicate and transmit all of this data worldwide; that's allowing you to study this very page; might likewise help us communicate with and tap into the fabric of the cardinal energies of the universe.

Once more science and spirituality are not so aloof after all. It was Einstein himself who stated “The more I come to comprehend the universe, the more I'm convinced of the presence of a superior reasoning energy. There are 2 ways to live: you are able to live as if nothing is a miracle; or you are able to live as if everything is a miracle.”


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