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Crystal Healing - Bloodstone

Formerly, bloodstone crystal was called Heliotrope. The word heliotrope is compiled of the Greek word for "the sun", helios and the Greek word for "to turn", trepein. The beginning historical uses of the stone were to induce changes in the weather. It was thought you place a bloodstone in water and let the water and the stone suck up the rays of the sun, it would induce a storm.

During the Middle Ages, the red spots on the stones were thought to be the blood of Jesus and the early Christians believed the stone held all the powers of Jesus, including the power to make the wearer un-seeable.

A few believe while Jesus was on the cross, his blood fell down on some jasper on the ground at the foot of the cross and this is how the bloodstone was produced. It was stated that the stones from that area held enormous power to cure almost anything and the gemstone was dedicated the nickname "The Martyr's Stone" because of this.

A hero's gemstone, frequently seen in armor breast plates and on swords for its power to arouse bravery in the most dangerous spots. Likewise considered to be a really strong healing stone allowing the wearer to remain impregnable in battle long after those around you have fallen down.

The Stone of Blood

It advances creative thinking, self-expression, and artistry.

In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was ground into a powder, blended with honey and eggs and given to patients to heal tumors. A paste made of mashed bloodstone and honey was rubbed on cuts to stop surplus bleeding.

To help cure snakebite, affix a bloodstone to draw the poison out of the bite. Notice: This was an ancient utilization of the stone. I may do this while on my way to acquire medical help but to do this rather than getting medical help will be foolish.

The ancient Babylonians utilized engraved bloodstone in divinations. They utilized the way the assorted spots of red looked to tap into their psychic powers, producing an affect similar to a vision by following the array of the spots.

To purge your mind, body and soul, on the night of the full phase of the moon, find a place outdoor where you may lay under the moons light.

Put a stone on your forehead and as you lay there, visualize the moon's power entering your body, filling it with perfect white light, as your body fills, see all the negativism, illness and tension leaving from your body, leaving from the rear of your body and sinking into the ground under you.

Ancient Egyptians utilized bloodstone magic to assist them in battles. They utilized magical empowered stones as amulets for the warriors to expand their personal strength.

To turn "invisible" to your foes, wear or carry a bloodstone and visualize a cloak of power emanating from the stone and enfolding around you, making you un-seeable to those you don't want to see you.

Athletes may utilize a bloodstone amulet to help expand their strength and speed. Wear or carry a stone and visualize its power entering your body and inducing your muscles to become firmer (or faster).

This same magic may be utilized by anybody in need of bravery to get through a situation. Simply envision the powers entering the body and presenting you the aspects that you require.

If you know of somebody that tends to be a bit too "me" oriented, give them a gift of a heliotrope. It helps them to see how matters affect not just them but other people around them or even the whole world.

Hold a bloodstone in your hands with meditations designed to help you connect with your preceding lives. Once you've entered the meditative state, turn your thoughts backward to a time before your birth and let the images guide you to sights of your prior lives.

Keep one or more bloodstones on your desk or worktable to help expand your business and riches. Even those that don't run their own business may benefit by letting the stone draw in additional sources of money into their lives.

As a healing stone, a bloodstone is utilized by healers to help with any sort of blood disorders. This includes but isn't limited to anemia, circulatory issues and Lupis.

Wearing of carrying a bloodstone helps to beef up the immune system, clean toxins from the liver and kidney and purify the bone marrow. Makes and awesome stone for women as it helps to alleviate both menstrual and menopausal symptoms.


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