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Coconut Oil Series - Other Uses for Coconut Oil


Other uses of coconut oil

Besides using coconut oil for your health, hair and skin, there are many other uses for it. In fact, it can be used for hundreds of things and people are discovering new uses for it every day.

Here are a few ways that you could use coconut oil to help with pesky problems.

· Use it to treat cold sores. The antibacterial and antiviral properties will clean the sores, dry them up and aid in the healing process.

· Use it as furniture and leather polish.

· Use it to treat ulcers in your mouth.

· Apply it to the fur of your pets to kill fleas and ticks.

· Use it to treat ear infections.

· Coconut oil can be used to treat diaper rash in infants.

· It can be used to treat dandruff, warts, hemorrhoids, dry lips, Athlete’s foot, mosquito bites, sunburns, acne, stretch marks, rashes and varicose veins. That is amazing!

· Mix it with sugar in equal parts to make a body scrub.

These are just some of the ways you can use this miracle oil. You may wish to do more research to see what other ways you may use it in your daily life.


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