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Burn Your Regrets And Negative Thoughts - Healing Practices and Self-Nurturing Rituals Series


Quite literally, this method involves fire! To engage in this healing practice, you’ll need a writing utensil, some paper, a lighter, and a safe place to burn paper, such as an outdoor fire pit or fireplace.

The concept for this healing practice is simple. To begin, use the writing utensil and paper to write about anything that’s been bringing you down. You can write as much as you want about your regrets, your insecurities, your negative thoughts, and anything else that’s been weighing heavily on your spirit or mind. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve written about everything, light the papers on fire in the fire pit.

This method is largely symbolic, but it serves as a physical reminder to let things go – by holding on to negative thoughts, regrets, insecurities, etc., you’re only harming your own mind and spirit. Lighting the paper on fire is a visual reminder that it’s OK to let things go.

Use this practice as a cathartic experience to help you understand and physically engage in the act of letting those difficult things go and freeing yourself of troubling negative thoughts.


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