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Basics of Spiritual Living

Whether you participate in a popular faith or take an independent course, whether you trust in divine creation or cling to stern physical objectivity, your notions about truth define the overall context of your life. In this sense, all of us are spiritual beings as we all have certain beliefs about truth. Even to trust nothing might still be considered part of a spiritual belief system.

Your spiritual growth is a built-in part of the process of human development. Truth, affection, and major power don't prescribe a certain spiritual doctrine, so there's lots of freedom to research a mixture of beliefs. However, the highest ideal for your spiritual doctrine is becoming intelligent.

If your beliefs don't fulfill the necessities of being intelligent at the very least, they can't be thought spiritually sound as they'd be in violation of universal principles. If a spiritual doctrine yields to untruth, if it disconnects you from life, or if it breaks you, it infringes on the rules and will only lead you astray.

Social conditioning teaches us to have secure bonds to our spiritual notions to the point of blending such notions into our identities. In this book, I'll challenge you to view your spiritual feelings with truth, affection, and power. My goal isn't to convert you to abide by any practice but rather to help you bring greater conscious awareness to your current spiritual life.

Basics Of Spiritual Living - Baby Steps to Living a Spiritually Fulfilled Life

What It Means to Live Spiritually Fulfilled

Being happy is often misinterpreted in many ways. Most of the ways that the feeling of happiness is derived from is not the product of true happiness but only a temporal feeling. People associate happiness with things like money, power, achieving dreams and goals, fame, accomplishments, all of which have material connections and benchmarks.

The Basics

True happiness is when one in completely at peace mentally and physically in the spiritually fulfilled self. Being able to find contentment anywhere, anytime and in anything is true happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

To live spiritually fulfilled there are certain guidelines or recommendations one can follow. Here are some of them:

Coming to the realization that one’s life has a higher purpose, and that just achieving material goals for short term comforts is understanding that there is more to life than just these tangible things that bring temporal happiness and no lasting spiritual contentment.

This brings on the understanding that everyone has a reason and purpose to be on this earth and finding that purpose should be the focal point of life.

Spiritual fulfillment is finding the bliss in life. The thing that brings most happiness to the individual and keep it constant in the cycle of everyday life.

Love life and love the path taken in life. Even if circumstances do not allow one to love every aspect of the task at hand, looking at it with a positive mind set allows the mind to change the thought process from negative to positive, thus successfully transcending the feeling of love and peace which in turn evolves into spiritual fulfillment.

In growing and expanding both mentally and in terms of capabilities the feeling of boredom or annoyance will be kept at bay. Deriving pleasure from this willingness to explore also bring the feeling of spiritual fulfillment.

Where Does Your Spiritual Life Need Help?

A strong spiritual life entails several facets of a single entity. Being spiritually balanced and fulfilled is when each piece of life’s puzzle in firmly in place, understood and happily accepted.


Some of the areas that can benefit from having a balanced and complete spiritual life are to have a strong and firm spiritual support system in place.

The support should come from the surroundings, such as relationships, experiences, prayer and so on. The idea that solitude is the prerequisite of inner peace and spirituality is indeed a folly. Social interactions and experience are crucial to the development spirituality.

Being a loving and responsible individual is the first steps towards spiritual development. People must be able to love and loving unconditionally is even better for spiritual life. The practice of love and its unbound capabilities should not be limited to the inner circle of the people around but should be indiscriminately extended to all.

Advancing to higher levels of spirituality should be the ultimate goal and by loving and serving, the exercise of consistent love for fellow human beings is being nurtured and fulfilled.

Getting the support from people around, like family members and friends, work associated, and others is important to achieving a spiritually fulfilled life.

These are the people who will help the individual to grow by the support and good direction provided to keep on track always. Life greatest teachers are those who are willing to step out and help to provide the necessary advice and guidance with no thought for self-gain.

Spiritually fulfilled life can be gotten through the energy expounded in relationships. The kindness and boots or awareness for others allows for the “self” element to be least considered and others needs to be addressed.

This energy gained from these experiences and interactions bring about a sense of joy and peace which contributes to achieving spiritual fulfillment.

Envision What Your Life Would Look Like If You Were Where You Want to Be Spiritually

Of late there is a lot of information available on the spirituality of a human being. With the chaos around the world and peace an elusive item, people are searching for alternatives to make their lives complete or at the very least good. One of the avenues worth exploring is the spiritual side of life. It has been touted to have wonderfully enlightening effects for both the body and soul.

See It

Being connected spiritually has its benefits. It certainly changes a person for the better. People become more sensitive to what’s around them and respond with equal amounts of sensitivity.

This therefore helps the individual to learn to be less self-centered and more self-giving. This also allows the mind to acknowledge the presence of higher forces that are powerful and all perfect when compared to the human existence.

When spiritually balanced, one also seeks to give love unconditionally. Being focused on giving love unconditionally becomes a central part of the individual. In this ideal setting of giving love, peace is ultimately found.

The willingness to set aside time in this busy and chaotic world is indeed rare, but when spiritual attainment is found, the eagerness to spend time meditating, contemplating or simply just wanting to commune with nature and the surroundings becomes very much a part of the daily routine.

An individual also evolves into a positive character and becomes more accepting as a person. The previous judgmental person is replaced with a more understanding and compassionate disposition. The character trait of graciousness is built and strengthened.

Seeking to forgive the past is also another by product of attaining spirituality. Understanding that un-forgiveness, benefits no one and can be detrimental to health becomes clear. This in turn develops the kindness in a person.

Learn How to Overcome Obstructions to Changing Your Behaviors

Most times a wrong situation can be put right immediately and with little problems. However, when the element of the human behavior is involved, things are not as clear cut and simple. Here are some obstructions that can be successfully addressed with a change in behavior.


Learning to become a more accepting person and practicing the ability to adopt easily is one behavioral change that is worth building as this good trait will become an asset in interactions with others.

Another obstruction that can be addressed with a change in behavior and attitude is the ability to forgive and move on easily. Cultivating the positive mind set allows for the feelings of guilt and anger to be released and results in a kinder and gentler demeanor.

The inability to see the good in others is an undesirable behavior pattern that can cause obstructions in both the individual’s life and that of those around.

Being quick to judge is not only foolish but also damaging. Changing this negative thinking also subconsciously brings forth the positive thinking of the “can do” attitude that attracts good.

Learning to take stock of the actions meted out daily teaches the individual to learn how to analyze thoughts and reactions that merited the particular action taken and if the action was unmerited and harsh, further steps can be taken to readdress the situation, easily removing the obstructive initial response. This allows the person to grow mentally and spiritually

Being egoistical can be very destructive in any scenario. This destructive behavior can cause a lot of ill feeling among those directly or indirectly in contact with the egoistical individual. There are many obstructions that can be avoided if this bad behavior trait is changed. Few people can tolerate working or being associated with egoistical people.

Choose Your Spiritual Goals and Break Them into Manageable Steps

The idea that everyone should have specific goals in life is a good idea to live up to. However, having goals without any guidelines on how to reach them is indeed foolish. There are several important steps that need to be considered before anyone takes and interest in setting goals. Here are some recommended suggestions.


Ideally the first step should be to identify the goal in mind clearly and correctly. Having a vague idea of the goal is quite confusing for the mind to interpret. The human mind is like a computer, when specific information is fed; the mind can work more efficiently and quickly to produce the necessary results. When the information is unclear as in a vague goal, then the mind works overtime and inefficiently and, in the end, nothing is accomplished.

When this is done, the next step is to address any previous forays into attempting the goal’s success. By doing this it is hoped that any of the same ill maintained styles are eliminated altogether so that new styles can be implemented to try and gain a more successful attempt.

Some of the areas to explore that may cause development in the individual spiritual life are character goals which focus on love issues, patience, and faithfulness. Family goals are also important to explore more in depth where aspects such as how much quality time are spent with spouse and children.

Addressing physical needs are also paramount when trying to choose spiritual goals. The body and mind both need to be in healthy condition before any successful attempt of goal setting can be done. Some specific issues may have to be addressed and dealt with, such as weight problems, lack of stamina, perhaps the need to lose weight and exercise.

Set A Deadline for Each Spiritual Goal

Sometimes people wonder why they are only successful in certain areas while in other areas there seems to be a lot of strife and difficulty. One possible answer could be that they failed to set spiritual goals to help overcome this negative area. A big part of not being able to achieve certain goals is probably because the spiritual guidance and element is missing.

Make A Timeline

Rejoicing in the assurance of God’s divine power of deliverance is perhaps what gives the goal that added advantage in being reached. Setting a deadline for spiritual goals is one way of committing our efforts to God and realizing without divine intervention or help reaching the goal would be that much harder if not impossible.

To outline a workable deadline setting, it would be wise to break the goal in question into more specific and smaller parts. In denoting the importance of each part, a spiritually guided deadline can be set for each step.

Having a measurable scale where each progressive step is recorded, and bench marked against the overall planned goal schedule is helpful. When done in unity and understanding upon the power of strength gained with God’s assistance this can be achieved well within the time frame matted out. This is an important element because it gives the individual an indication of the success of the goal’s progress and ensures no sense of discouragement sets in.

After addressing the above two points successfully, the next step is to implement the action plan drawn up to reach the goal. Making an action plan, while calling on God for spiritual assistance, will not only cause the action plan to be flawless, but will also give the individual the power of spiritual insight.

Brainstorm Ideas to Spirituality or Talk to A Spiritual Leader

Setting goals is an important frame of mind to have, as has already been established in the various other presentations. However, if an added advantage is needed to ensure the goal is reached and to ensure it is for the good of all concerned, turning to spiritual guidance is a prerequisite.

Make A Plan

When an idea is first conceived it may have in most cases been with the goal of achieving some form of earthly element or pleasure.

However, if there is the spiritual guidance of a spiritual leader then the danger of the idea being just that, for earthly pleasure, may be checked, rethought, or better still shelved altogether. Having the advantage of spiritual elements involved will certainly assure its integrity and success.

A spiritual leader will be able to steer the focus on a more God centered results and methods and in turn this ensures that the goal and people connected to achieving the goal will not work blindly or sinfully.

Also, by knowing that there is a percentage of spiritual involvement it gives everyone connected to the goal a sense of divine guidance which is assuredly never wrong.

Spiritual leaders are usually so in tune with God’s teachings for the happiness of the human existence that they can advise accordingly so all concerned are able to clearly focus on achieving the goal set.

The feelings of cooperation and comradeship will be obvious and every present. Spiritual leaders can give specific quotes of God’s favor in dire situations, and this will help to keep the moral of those involved from in the journey to achieving the goad high and recharged.

With the advice of a spiritual leader, those involved in the goal will also know how to turn to God’s when inspiration, innovation and just plain strength is needed to press on to overcome any obstacles that may otherwise hinder the enthusiasm of all.

Ask For Devine Guidance

Besides the spiritual side of life there is also the practical side of life. Though both are entwined, they are quite different in nature and approach.

People who are spiritually aware will always try to seek out divine revelations or interventions in whatever foray they are a part of. The general perception is, if there is divine intervention then the possibility of any negative presence will be eliminated or controlled, and all will be well.

Ask For Help

Some of the questions that can be asked to affirm spiritual guidance are as follows:

  • Is this in harmony with God’s Word?

  • Is it what the scripture encourages?

  • Does it follow God’s rule and will?

  • Am I being prompted by the Spirit of my Higher Power?

  • Would my conduct be in line with God’s righteousness?

There is a lot of vagueness and hesitation when embarking on something new, especially if there are a lot of risks involved. Being at peace is a very important feature to have to ensure the smoothness of the foray in question. By practicing the mindset that constantly seeks divine guidance; some of the above hesitations based on the questions can be addressed and answered effectively and clearly. However, these answers for guidance can only be gotten when there is a spiritual link that is very strong and sincere.

Most teaching encourage seeking divine guidance for everything in life be it big or small, important, or otherwise. When this habit is formed due to frequent practice, the body, and mind become in tuned with the spiritual inner self and thus drawing from this will be easier.

Another popular train of thought is that by seeking divine guidance, there is absolutely no room for error when the guidance is ardently followed. If there are any errors to be found it would be on the side of the individual for not following the divine guidance totally.

Remember The Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have it done to you. A very simple yet at the same time a terribly complex statement to adhere to. Most people never stop and think of their actions and how other people on the receiving end feel. In this fast-paced world few take the trouble to analyze the repercussions of their works, actions, and thoughts.

Be Kind

In treating others, the way, one would want to be treated, makes the individual stop, and take stock of the words, actions, and mannerism used when interacting with others.

This can be achieved when people slow down and are more spiritually connected with their surroundings. Some would say knowledge and imagination are a prerequisite as there would be the need to imagine being on the receiving end instead of only on the giving out end.

Being able to completely accept the same treatment meted out to others would ensure the individual is more careful and aware of how to conduct his or her everyday life. This will certainly help in shaping the moral thinking of everyone.

Strangely though, the golden rule principle does not really have any moral formula. As it is neither right not wrong but is based on the simple theory that “you get what you give” the golden rule phenomenon is tapping on the individual desire to receive only good while being sure that extending good is the prerequisite. This rule borders on the fact that most human have the in-built self-preservation instinct.

Practiced all over the world and in all walks of society, the golden rule principle is adhered to, to preserves feelings and relationships better than any other physical or mental practice can do, simply by its non-complicated one rule.

What Happens If You Are Spiritually Deprived?

Being spiritually deprived leads to a lot of negative problems. Though medical science has over the years acknowledged the advantages of being connected spiritually, people in general have not yet grasped this important tool for their life.

One of the factors that lead to less than optimum mental and physical health of an individual is the lack of spirituality. Being more connected to the secular and materialistic society is one of the contributing factors to the lack of importance placed on spirituality.

What Can Occur

The biggest impact of being spiritually deprived from a medical point of view is the onset of depression. Currently viewed as a very widespread problem, depression seems to have direct links with the lack of spirituality in an individual’s life.

The medical world recognizes this phenomenon as dangerous and growing daily but is unable to adequately endorse the importance between the connection of spirituality and the human body.

When stress levels rise, as they do in this fast moving and unforgiving world it’s often to find adequate solutions that are effective and long lasting.

For a long time, the question of spirituality and the general connection to the human mind has been questioned. Spiritual enlightenment is central to the unity of body, soul, and mind; however, it is unfortunately ignored as the core of the human existence.

Wrapping Up

People who have the advantage of being spiritually connected are much happier people as they can deal with outer turbulences better than those without the essence of spirituality.

They are completely aware and dependent on this spiritual “help” to give them relief and sound thinking in any given situation. Without spiritual direction it is often difficult to have a goal to work towards and certainly hard to keep focused when things start looking difficult or negative.


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