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Art of Positive Thinking Series - Positive Thinking Tips


Life has ups and downs. You can't change that.

Life won't look great all the time. I imagine you recognize this already.

What you are able to do though is see to it that you face events with a favorable state of mind, if only to make life easier and more gratifying.

I hear what you are thinking, "Easier said than accomplished".

No concerns! That's why I have put together for you these hints for positive thinking.


 Imagine that everything is hunky-dory at a deeper level, even if it does not appear so in the surface.

For instance, you might be in a trying relationship with somebody, and you might see that as "bad" or "wrong" to your life. Imagine that at heart everything is hunky-dory and you'll be fine. There's a reason for it occurring, at any rate. This will help you loosen up and keep a favorable state of mind, so that you are able to deal with the here and now more effectively.

 Choose to live in the here and now.

Much of our damaging thinking takes place when we return to the past ("I wish I had behaved otherwise", "I was more pleased then than I am today") or when we dread the future ("I wish this didn't fail", "I'm not certain I'll have adequate money").

All the same, the present is the only time we get. When you center on living the here and now you better the quality of your life.

 Declaration to have bravery.

Nothing is so foul; nothing may truly bring you down except for death (and even this may be argued, as many religions see death as a step toward something else instead of an end).

From now till you decease, you have got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

Consequently resolve that it's a waste of time to worry or dread anything.

If you discover yourself in fear, remember that zip is definite. Any experience may only make you firmer. Resolve that this will be your approach to anything that comes on, whatsoever that is.

 Be pleased with what you have and are.

I do not mean that you simply accept and remain in any situation you go through, for its human to seek advancement and change. All the same, you do have to feel good with your conditions up to a point, so you don't walk through life discontented, never pleased with anything.

This one might be the easiest of these positive thinking tips, but it's likewise probably the best one to live a happy life. Much of our negativity in this facet comes because we tend to equate who we are or what we have with somebody else or their possessions or our own past.

Guess what, we'll forever wind up losing. Simply don't compare yourself. You don't have to. It simply comes down to what we select to make out of our truth.

 Pick out a goal that you would like to follow up on.

Get busy designing how you'll make it occur; specify what will be the steps to conduct. The goals that satisfy us most are commonly those that have to do with personal pursuits: skydiving, learning to paint, visiting a distant country, winning a contest... We quest for them in a pure act of self-realization and in doing so we discover pleasure.


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